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  1. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Mazda3i Touring Hatchback

    So I am a terrible cat, but I figured that I'd post an update since originally people were wondering about the long-term reliability and usability of the SkyActiv Mazdas when I first posted the car. I've had the car for about 2 years now, and it's been dead reliable every single time. This...
  2. mooglebunny

    A member of ours has passed.

    My condolences to his family. RIP, it's good that he was able to spend the last years with his family. :(
  3. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Mazda3i Touring Hatchback

    Thanks! I'm pretty happy with the job and the car, especially since for what the job is, the job pays reasonably well for the area. And it's mineeeee. Sorry it took a while to get back, between work and the time that I have after work and sleep I just don't have a ton of time it seems like. In...
  4. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: Giggles: altoid's 2004 Miata

    Congrats on the Miata!
  5. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Mazda3i Touring Hatchback

    Ooh busy dealing with work stuff. Yes, I did get this car for a pretty reasonable price compared to what it was and it was brand new, which is why I also got it. Normally the cost of a Mazda3 with the package it has is around $21k, I got it for less than that (around $18k, which isn't a total...
  6. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Mazda3i Touring Hatchback

    Yeah, working with car people is pretty great I think because I can talk about cars while on breaks with coworkers. The majority of my coworkers basically have different types of interests that range from: video games, cars, actual table top games, phones, and technology. Really, it's quite nice...
  7. mooglebunny

    Merry Christmas to Everyone!

    Merry Christmas to everyone! (And happy Wednesday to Blayde, haha.) I'll be working until I get a chance to escape and take the rest of the day off for Christmas, like I did today.
  8. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Mazda3i Touring Hatchback

    narf: Yeah it may just be an American thing with the Panic button. Not really sure, I'd just hit the lock button to be sure. My Grandmother's Forester key doesn't have a specific panic button, but if you hit the lock button 3 times I believe it goes off as such. On the 3, if you press the lock...
  9. mooglebunny

    Random Thoughts....

    My condolences to you Jay. :(
  10. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Mazda3i Touring Hatchback

    The ! is the panic button. Basically, if you see someone at your car or you lose it in a parking lot or something you can hold that and your car's horn goes off and all the lights flash. Yeah I agree about the taillight one being a bit lame looking. There isn't really much I can do about that...
  11. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Mazda3i Touring Hatchback

    The only experience I had with four wheel disc breaks are from my Grandmother's Forester. That is a lot heavier than the Mazda3, but it is actually very nice. It stops very promptly, unlike the Mirage where it feels like I'm really working to get it to stop sometimes. I had the brakes checked...
  12. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Mazda3i Touring Hatchback

    Hi guys! Mooglebunny here, it's been quite a long year or two for me and a lot of cool things have happened. I moved a couple of times, graduated from college, landed a $15/hour job with benefits and paid holidays, bought a new cell phone which is a Galaxy Note 2 (which I took these pictures...
  13. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: The car nobody's been waiting for.

    Hi everyone! I know it's been a while, but I thought I should update about this car since some awesome stuff has happened in the last year (not related to the car necessarily)! Mirage is at 206,8xx miles! It's still trucking along like nobody's business, but it still has the small leak from...
  14. mooglebunny

    Random Thoughts....

    Ah thanks Rick! I saw the tale of your old SHO, sorry to hear that. :( But at least you weren't seriously injured. Quite a lot has happened between this whole time for me, and yet nothing is really all that different. Just figured that I'd just post a nice little hello to everyone, since I'm...
  15. mooglebunny

    Random Thoughts....

    Wow, it's Final Gear. Haven't said hi in a while. Been so busy finishing school and getting a full time job and stuff. Looks like all has been pretty much the same as before. :)
  16. mooglebunny

    Random Thoughts....

    Just saying hello to the random thoughts thread before I go back to school tomorrow for my final semester. Only have two more classes to go until I graduate and so forth. It has been a busy few months, as I moved yet again back in May to a new place with new roommates since my last situation was...
  17. mooglebunny

    Guild Wars 2

    I also bought Guild Wars 2 (with some hassle and headache). I played it for most of yesterday and it seemed pretty interesting. I have to say, the mechanics of the engineers are pretty neat with the turrets and stuff for crowd control and so forth. The healing turret is also kind of an...
  18. mooglebunny

    Rep or no rep?

    Honestly I think rep can be good, especially when the majority of rep is given with an explanation or a small comment that you would not have otherwise known from the rep giver. If the comment was posted in the actual thread it may not seem appropriate or it isn't something that a person would...
  19. mooglebunny

    My mother has cancer

    I'm very sorry to hear that. My condolences to you and your whole family. :(
  20. mooglebunny

    Can you wait to buy videogames or do you buy them when they come out?

    For the most part, I usually wait to buy a game until it is pretty decently discounted (like buying a PS2 more recently and some of the games I wanted for $20 or under). Unless it is a top title like Pokemon or something and then the prices never really drop, so there isn't much point to wait...