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    IRC scotland

    Anyone going? Looks like meeke is going to wipe the floor due to not many showing up.. But I heard a few lads are going to get seats for next year.. BRC champ Conin is going in a punto and I think Breen is going in the Fiesta again.. Bogie is there too Id say dont know what car he is in...
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    So we were flat out down this road.....

    and the driver dident hear me... :blink: :thumbsdown: it was a :driving::driving: moment...
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    so whos a racing driver?

    thought id start this thread as id like to know how many people on the forum are racing drivers in some way.. so to start im a rally co-driver done about 15 events now. started in 205s then civics novas swifts and integras... won a few classes and have had a few crashes... but i still cant...
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    around western europe

    only half of the pics i took as when i got the photos of the camera half way through the holiday the cd snaped that they were on :( i nicked my mothers crappy camera really crappy one.... but i think i used the camera to the max.... \
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    pitition to get WRC on Irish tv

    hi all at the mo irish tv shows the WRC 3 days after the rally at 1 o clock at night... this isent on as we have a round of the wrc this year... so i set up a poitition to show that people want this changed. you can sign it here: please sign...
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    new racing torrent site...

    *edit* picture removed enzo is one of the best admins out there.. you can get everything from top gear to wrc f1 and loads of other stuff... *edit* url removed
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    top gear cd finalgear style

    about a year or so ago a guy put a cd together with the songs that are mostly used by top gear and it was one of the best cds ive ever hurd the selection of songs was perfect.. but now my pc went flop and i lost the track list... does anyone elce have it? will they upload it or give me the...
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    so my latest rally... ( crashing again :( )

    right new driver same sort of car.... a pug 205... the story before this happened.. was that we spun hit a bale and went into a garden... the bale damaged the back and id say the suspension.. and knocked the exauste off.. this made it really load in the car.. even with the intercom.. we then met...
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    loooking for a dj

    i need one to help me out with 2 songs that i want to join together, while adding a effect on to the music at the same time... if there are any djs out there email me or msn me **edited out email** **TechZ: Dont leave your addy in a post, it just leads to spam. They can use the button in your...
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    my first forestry rally

    right lads did my first forestry rally there at the weekend.. while leading our champ we went into stage 9 flying... after a 900 stright there was a sqr left.. he couldent see it and went in with a bit too much speed.. and then got stuck... lost a load of points... we were really gutted.. here...
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    My tv footage

    how are ye all, i worked with a tv crew for the first time there last month.. ive edited it down to just show a 2 minute thing.. the first half is a edited together thing.. most of teh cameras that dont move are mine e.g the one over the jump + the one where the camera was on the ditch.. the...
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    what software to use

    help and i need it quick. ive made a video but i need a pieace of sotware that will let me add faders and a few flashes just like mjs has on his video. now i do have studio 10 but it keeps frezzing up on me when i try to do it. any other software i could do this with?????
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    Rally Ireland

    yes its bidding for a wrc round... rally ireland radio yes its online doing a few things and saying results its,,10111,00.html and click on the listen here image:idea: Wink Live results are also available on...
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    video cameras

    i take video instead of photos at rallys, do any body elce use them??? also ive got the camera but the thing is the program i use at the mo to capture it is crap any body have any better programs??? i have 3 video cameras i bring to every rally i leave 2 on tripods and i go down the road and...
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    need help with my new website

    hi guys i need some help im building a new site ( ) now ive done nothing to it yet. i am wondering what tools you use and what software i could use. i need a main website and i want a fourm thinking of one like this? i am hosting videos but i dont want every one...
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    A1 grand prix

    so lets get the ball rolling just heard today that ireland will have a team witch will be great havent got much elce news one it. so does you country have a team and whats your views on it, will it be the next f1? my answer i bloddy hell hope so f1 is soo boring now and the only time you get...
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    happy birthday to viper

    happy birthday 21 today your now a adult and now legaly abile to drink in the states :) :cheers: :wheelchair: :wheelchair: :clap: :driving: :thumbup: :burnrubber: :firefox: