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    Brilliant Co-driver(Irish co-driving at its best) I might of started to shout a bit too much... But we bet the guys above so I was happy...
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    So, Who is the stig?

    Niall Mcshea was the stig for the rally cars. He drove for proton last year for a few events He did a bit of work for Top gear when they did that shoot in Belfast. Also it was the worse kept secrete in Ireland in the rallying circle.
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    Official WRC thread

    once you start a stage you can have outside acisstance.. In control sections( where they give out the time cards) no one can touch the car.. road sections are also a no go area..
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    IRC scotland

    Anyone going? Looks like meeke is going to wipe the floor due to not many showing up.. But I heard a few lads are going to get seats for next year.. BRC champ Conin is going in a punto and I think Breen is going in the Fiesta again.. Bogie is there too Id say dont know what car he is in...
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    Dumb and Dumber go rallying

    been in the same situation... But I dident lose the head the driver did.. its about 4 minutes in i think.. every time you hear me saying concentrate it was him shouting... Even tho we were in a 1.3 we beet evos that day :) saying that sense the...
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    So how am I going to watch GP2 now...

    setanta show: on the limit sports ( national rally program) RPM ( international rally program) F1 GP2 FIA GT seris DTM where else are we going to see these when setanta go under... ( F1 is ireland only btw) I also will prob lose my job due to setanta going under... I think your post is...
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    Official WRC thread

    drivers should allways keep hands on the steering wheel as if let go it would of sent out the door!! and probabbly hit the ground... co-drivers brace and tuck there arms in so theres not like a rag doll... in a roll sometimes the windows will break and arms go out them... thats when damage is...
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    So how am I going to watch GP2 now...

    I hate the way you talked about setanta.. I think there F1 coverage is good the gary anderson is a legend thinking up huge new ideas in F1 when he was in jorden.... you know whats great about your setanta hatred.. Ireland will still have GP2 as most like will survive this.. you on the other...
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    Why safety in motorsports of prime importance

    a young lad was killed last year when after watching a car at a rally he went into the road to see the rally car go down the road.. he dident hear the car that was 7 seconds behind teh first rally car and was killed... at rally events theres not much you can do as the stages are so long that...
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    Stigs morse code

    its about the irish pork being full of toxins....
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    Race Of Champions 2009

    ya the place is empty... they were trying to sell tickets for a 10er during the week... id be there only im working :( so we should see more action in 5 mins or so?
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    Race Of Champions 2009

    the feed is up now
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    Karting equipement

    demon tweeks is the most expensive site out there... where are you from?
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    So we were flat out down this road.....

    that sucks monkey balls.... i used it in an other video here
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    So we were flat out down this road.....

    the car is pritty much a road standerd honda civic... its the rules to try and keep the cars as much as road cars as possable.. so the handbrake is a normal cable handbrake.. and it gets loose after a few tugs.. so we only keep it for emergancys.. like above he pulled just as we went over the...
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    So we were flat out down this road.....

    and the driver dident hear me... :blink: :thumbsdown: it was a :driving::driving: moment...
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    Official WRC thread

    the FIA was going to get out of wales because all the drivers a few years ago were caught speeding... i think about 4-5 lost there licenses.. the reason behind it all was that to have a speed check on the road it must be dangerous... so all the road sections were dangerous... if i was the head...
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    WRC codrivers = what kind of driving talent do they have?

    Us co-drivers can be good drivers :P but funds wouldent mean we can afford to rally. Co-drivers can still drive the rally cars on the road sections ( i got the insurance this year so i can now drive the rally car on road sections) BUT the driver cant just fall asleep they will have to navigate...
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    Official WRC thread

    save a couple of euro.....
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    Galway Rally 2008 / Irish Tarmac C'ship

    stage 9 of the galway rally with me in the co-drivers seat