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  1. AlexGRFan97

    Searching for Series 19 - Series 22 in their original 1080i format

    As those who have read my previous threads and posting have probably guessed by now, I've been putting together a centralized ultimate collection of Top Gear, from the original version of the show to the end of the trio for my personal consumption. This is what I currently have: Old Top Gear...
  2. AlexGRFan97

    Tiff Needell's 20 Cars That Changed The World

    Recently I was doing research into each of the home videos released for Top Gear, up to and including writing articles for them on the Top Gear Wiki, when I discovered that former presenter Tiff Needell had made two of his own; Burning Rubber, which was more or less a clone of the far more...
  3. AlexGRFan97

    Car page coverage on Top Gear Wiki

    So I recently became the Bureaucrat of the Top Gear Wiki, and boy did I inherit a neglected dumpster fire of a resource that barely had any actual content. Over the past few weeks I've added every episode from S1 to S9, all of the Clarkson home videos, and over 20 different issues of the...
  4. AlexGRFan97

    Your personal episode rankings

    I've talked about mine a bit in the past, but now that S3's finished and the show has finally found its footing, how would you rate all 38 studio-based episodes? Here are mine in their entirety, I'd be curious to hear what the rest of you think: Probably the biggest discrepancy my list would...
  5. AlexGRFan97

    Original BBC2 airings of S1 - S3?

    Firstly, I'm well aware this site was largely gutted of its content in 2014, and that anything once hosted is long gone. But the main version of S1 - 3 I see going around in torrents is from the initial re-airing of the three series on BBC Prime somewhere around 2005ish, which has some of the...