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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    Indeed, It also varies on city to city. I don't know about miami, but I can find stuff in California for thousands cheaper than Arizona. Heck in Texas truck prices are amazingly low. compared to Arizona and California. When I was in high school I remember finding a running 80's golf for 30...
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    Top Gear episodes on iTunes?

    I wouldn't mind too much if itunes worked will on linux. I long ago stopped buying music from the itunes store because breaking the drm so it will work on all my devices proved to be more trouble than getting in a car and buying a cd. I just think apple is a bit too focused on making you use...
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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    This was absolutely amazing. I would rate it higher than most films that hit theaters. The first half had me near buckled over in laughter. The second bit was a bit hard to watch, but the truth always hurts. I also don't think that people of that demeanor only exist in the deep south. I will...
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    Barrett-Jackson Auction going on in Arizona.

    I think that show if offically out of controll a couple days ago i saw a 1991 z28 camero go for 40,000 bucks I don't deny that the car had a big part in carying american muscle out of the 80's, but i don't care what contition one of those is in, unless mabee it was a v6 tubro firebird pace...
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    LCD Monitors

    I've bought both a really really expensive sony monitor, and a really cheap fuji monitor, The biggest difference for me was the sony looks absolutely stunning, and the fuji is just a monitor. Both of them had good responce time though, and were quite bearable in daily gaming/video use. I...
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    Panoramic views of New Years 06' around the world!

    Nice, Our newly restored FOX theater here in tucson is in there. Granpa always told me stories of his teenage hooliganism from around there. Looks like a crappy party though,,, heh but what can you expect from Tucson, one year we didn't even have fireworks for the 4th of july because the...
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    Forza Motorsport

    Forza was a great first try, but there were many things not quite up to spec on it. The engine sounds from car to car, especially after bering modified were pretty scetchy. The sounds for crashes were just bad, it was like a tin can getting crushed. The car models were hit or miss, something...
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    IRS Auction includes some nice oldies.

    ooo nash metro's.. my mom always wanted one.
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    Would you want American Top Gear?

    i would love american top gear, but i wouldn't give up british top gear for it. I would imagine american tg would cover some cars that we actually get, instead of making me depressed for every day that goes by that we don't have the new focus rs.
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    Woohoo, got a new monitor for Christmas!

    Ah, i've got a sony like that aswell, It cost me a pretty penny when i got it, but it displays colors better than any of the cheap lcd's i've ever bought. Only lcd i will edit photos on thats for shure, nice pic.
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    AGAINST - Hybrid

    I just think that hybrids are a overly complex solution to the problem. I'm the sort that likes to maintain my own car, I've learned how to do so under yee old shade tree. I'm okay with new fangled computers and everything, usually they help, but hybrids are just a tad beyond my reach. Now a...
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    Pentium V. AMD reliability video.

    I'm pretty shure the amd 64 bit cores actually have protection against frying. I saw a newer test somewhere, and the intells actually failed it (non dual core chips if i remember right). That being said.. my p4 is overclocked and i'm not really sweating bullets.
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    Project Gotham Racing 3 (XBOX 360)

    I've priced a couple 32 incher's for under 1k dollars u.s.... Mostly people like westinghouse and olivia though. If you really want hdtv and don't mind size. You can get a great crt hdtv for lik 500 or 600 bucks that supports 720p and 1080i. You better have one hell of a stand to put it on...
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    Project Gotham Racing 3 (XBOX 360)

    Well if you get a battery play and charge kit.. it is done by usb cable.. you can actually see i have it pluged in under the ipod cable in that pic. It just plugs into the front of the controll so you can keep playing. That kit though is like 20 or 30 bucks i think. Most people just use...
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    Project Gotham Racing 3 (XBOX 360)

    I've had it since american launch, it was a bit short, but still kick ass. The graphics on my non hdtv are super spectacular. The reason for not having slower cars was actually because they didn't have time. they basically had the choice of doing a couple slow cars and a couple fast cars...
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    Crash reports dog Xbox 360 launch

    Steel Batalion. Danged controller always kept it out of my price range.
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    Crash reports dog Xbox 360 launch

    Or ninja gaiden, shenmue II, and panzer dragoon. I would pick those 3 before i did any others.
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    Crash reports dog Xbox 360 launch

    Been playing since tuesday with mine. The small problem mine has is it doesn't like standing up, it likes to lay flat. Every single thing about it is well thought out though. Especially the live integration And the whole song/microsoft thing.. cmon they are both big heartless companies...
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    BMW Z4 Coupe coming out in 2006

    So, i think were up to two good liinking bm's I'm happy as a clam
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    Your Camera Equipment

    Canon 300d, 18-55 efs kit lens 50mm mkII 70-200 f4L 420ex 2gb of flash in varried forms wired remote kinco extension tubes varied cirpol and uv filters manfroto 3021bn with 488 ball head Varied bags for stuff from yard sales Hmm.. Minolta SR T-MCII With a 50mm 1.7f rokkor takes care of...