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    Ownership Verified: Brutal three cylinder acceleration - Škoda Fabia Combi 1,0L

    Haven't seen any Škoda Fabia's on this forums so here's mine. Meet Škoda Fabia Combi, mk 3, pre facelift, 2017, with a 3 cylinder Turbo 1,0L and 26k+ km. Fabia ticks all the boxes I wanted and needed, a small turbo petrol engine, big boot (astronomy gear and recreational cyclists), low...
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    Fifth Gear Back in April

    If anyone cares... :) In the latest Skoda Superb Long Term Update the bloke with the glasses said the series is back in april.
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    10th may episode?

    when can we expect it? cheers m8 :vickynice: :thanksvuk: