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  1. haha604

    Volvo = saviour of Mercedes It seems like Mercedes is applying its new found expertise in cost cutting to its truck division as well :lol: .
  2. haha604

    Which DVD media do you recommend?

    I noticed that quite a lot of members here are equipped with a dvd writer, so what are everyone's favorite media? I almost exclusively use Memorex and Maxell DVD+R (both manufactured by Ricoh) and they work very well with my writer (Benq DW822A). Tried some Princo's to see if I can save some...
  3. haha604

    Top Reasons to Live in Canada

    FOund this in another forum :lol: TOP REASONS TO LIVE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA 1. Vancouver: 1.5 million people and two bridges. 2. Your $400,000 Vancouver home is just 5 hours from downtown. 3. You can throw a rock and hit three Starbucks locations. 4. There's always some sort of...
  4. haha604

    Jpn 280hp limit abandoned

    The MLIT of Japan (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport) has declared the abandonment of the 280hp limit imposed (voluntarily) on Japanese automobiles. Expect to see more powerful Japanese automobiles coming in the near future...
  5. haha604

    German film: Good Bye Lenin

    Walked into a local theatre with my friends a few weeks ago and saw this gem. Basically a nostalgic journey back to East Germany, this film depicts the sad existence of disperancies between socialism in real life and the ideal socialism in Utopia. I was totally moved by the film. Selfless...
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    Let's play soccer!

  7. haha604

    Hitman - Contracts

    I just tried the demo of this game and have to say it rocks. The player plays as a cold war era agent whose purpose is to assasinate the bad guys. Its similar to Metal Gear Solid in that you don't actually hunt down all the enemies but have to use your brain to get through missions. Going in...
  8. haha604

    Iron Chef America,,FOOD_16696_19048,00.html Anybody watched it over the last weekend? I am a big fan of the original Japanese show so I made sure I didn't miss it. Kind of disappointed that Bobby Flay won against Sakai in the first battle. I wouldn't doubt that...
  9. haha604

    GT4 vids (Amalfi and Hong Kong)

    These new tracks are coming out pretty nicely. I like the night time Hong Kong track. Sony better get this out before summer ends or otherwise I'll have no time to play. Amalfi, Italy mms:// mms://
  10. haha604

    Honda BAR took pole position in Italy[HOME This is Honda's first pole position since Senna did it 12 years ago. I sure hope Honda can give Ferrari some competition in the actual race.
  11. haha604

    Which continent do you live on?

    Hey guys, just want to get an idea of where everybody lives. To me it seems like most people on this board are from North America.
  12. haha604

    How to start?

    I would like to get started in learning photography. Can anyone suggest a website or something that I can learn from? thx. Btw I don't have a digital camera. The only camera i find at home is a Canon EOS500, bought in 1995...
  13. haha604

    Initial D

    Dunno if anyone here watches this anime. Anyway the fourth stage of this series is out. The raw rips with no subs are already available on the net.
  14. haha604

    More sections?

    Shall viper add more sections to the forum? I think if he does this forum will be livelier.