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    IS220d on 5th Gear

    Alright, I've checked the episode guides (the adobe and the speed channel one) and neither had the IS listed. I could've sworn Tom tested it. Does anyone remember which episode it is? TIA!
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    winace and encryption

    Hey, I downloaded a file with several rar files in it. When using WinAce, it tells me the files are password encrypted. So, if I got this off mininova, where exactly do I go to get the password? If not, how do I bypass it? Thanks
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    2007 Lexus LS460/LS600h edited by Overheat
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    2006 Mazda6 MPS

    Wonder why it's not the MazdaSpeed6. Bottom line: Mazda promises that the Mazda6 MPS will be the best braking, best handling Mazda yet built. And after driving the new AWD star CarPoint can only agree. Mazda's 6 broke cover in August 2002 immediately delivering the goods on the road and most...
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    2007 Nissan Teana The key thing is, it's spotted in LHD format.