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  1. Heathrow

    "RapportService has stopped working" -Windows Errors - Low Memory High CPU

    I am getting frequent problems with the following Windows error messages: "RapportService has stopped working" "Your Computer is low on Memory" "Close Programs to Prevent Loss" or sometimes it just crashes Firefox or IE. What does the RapportService.exe file do? - This is what I...
  2. Heathrow

    EPL 2015/16 - The English Premier League Thread

    :welcome: back to the EPL new Season! :wave: Saturday 8th August 2015 Man Utd 1-0 Tottenham Bournemouth 0-1 Aston Villa Everton 2-2 Watford Leicester 4-2 Sunderland Norwich 1-3 Crystal Palace Chelsea 2-2 Swansea Sunday 9th August 2015 Arsenal 0-2 West Ham Newcastle 2-2 Southampton Stoke...
  3. Heathrow

    FIFA Pusk?s Award: Ten Best Goals of the Year Announced

    FIFA Pusk?s Award: Ten best goals of the year announced The ten goals are (in alphabetical order of the scorer?s names): Top 3 Finalists Stephanie Roche -20 October 2013, Peamount United v. Wexford Youths, BEWNL (Rep.Ireland) James Rodriguez ? 28 June 2014 ? Colombia v. Uruguay, 2014...
  4. Heathrow

    UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying - The Road to France

    UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying- wiki Thursday 9th October 2014 UEFA European Championship Qualifying - Group C Belarus 0-2 Ukraine Macedonia 3-2 Luxembourg Slovakia 2-1 Spain UEFA European Championship Qualifying - Group E England 5-0 San Marino Lithuania 1-0 Estonia Slovenia 1-0...
  5. Heathrow

    UCL 2014/15 - Champions League Thread

    Tuesday 16th September 2014 UEFA Champions League - Group A Juventus V Malm? FF 19:45 Olympiakos V Atl?tico Madrid 19:45 UEFA Champions League - Group B Liverpool V Ludogorets Razgrad 19:45 Real Madrid V FC Basel 19:45 UEFA Champions League - Group C Benfica V Zenit St Petersburg...
  6. Heathrow

    mDNSResponse.exe Problems with Internet Explorer Starting or Running

    Which started going wrong yesterday! IE 8 failed to start at all and gave no error msgs. Nothing! After a couple of restarts and some swearing, IE limped into life late last evening. I just did a couple of posts on FG, read some new stuff then shutdown. Today, more shenangens. A couple of...
  7. Heathrow

    Russia on Four Wheels - BBC TV Documentary

    A new BBC Documentary to look out for: Russia on Four Wheels - BBC TV Starting way down south in the resort town of Sochi (2014 winter Olympics venue), Justin Rowlatt gets to drive a 37 year old UAZ 496 (?) east into "Old Russia" and Anita Rani gets to drive north in a Kombat T-98 (sort of...
  8. Heathrow

    Audi A1 - Has Anyone Test Driven One of These?

    Someone I know is thinking about maybe buying a 2010 model next year. Doesn't seem to be a road test in the FG "Own Car Review Thread". There is also not much on them on the UK Audi Forums. Any scuttlebut on the A1? :smile:
  9. Heathrow

    TV: "The Bridge" Season 2 BBC Four 4th January 2014 (Swedish/Danish Title Bron/Broen)

    "The Bridge" Season 2 BBC Four 4th January 2014 (Swedish/Danish Title Bron/Broen) The Bridge (wiki) Anyone else going to watch this? (It has hot Women & cool Cars.) :cool: And, Season 1 is being repeated next week! The Bridge - BBC Four Programs
  10. Heathrow

    Polls Test Thread

    Polls test
  11. Heathrow

    HP Notebook PC - Won't Accept Password and Start - HELP!

    I get this message: "The User Profile Service service failed to logon" " User profile cannot be loaded." after entering the usual password after initial power-up. (So I am not even getting to the OS.) It has accepted the same password 100's of times before. I didn't CHANGE it before the last...
  12. Heathrow

    UCL 2013/14 - Champions League Thread

    Tuesday 17th September 2013 UEFA Champions League Group A Man Utd V B Leverkusen Real Sociedad V Shakh'r Donetsk Group B FC Copenhagen V Juventus Galatasaray V Real Madrid Group C Benfica V Anderlecht Olympiakos V Paris SG Group D Bayern Munich V CSKA Moscow Plzen V Man City...
  13. Heathrow

    EPL 2013/14 - The English Premier League Thread

    Saturday 17th August 2013 Premier League Liverpool V Stoke 12:45 Arsenal V Aston Villa 15:00 Norwich V Everton 15:00 Sunderland V Fulham 15:00 West Brom V Southampton 15:00 West Ham V Cardiff 15:00 Swansea V Man Utd 17:30 Sunday 18th August 2013 Crystal Palace V Tottenham 13:30...
  14. Heathrow

    FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup - 15th to 30th June - Brasil

    2013 FIFA Confederations Cup - Brasil Teams Brazil CONMEBOL Spain UEFA 2010 FIFA World Cup winner Japan AFC 2011 AFC Asian Cup winner Mexico CONCACAF 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup winner Uruguay CONMEBOL 2011 Copa Am?rica winner Tahiti OFC 2012 OFC Nations Cup winner Italy UEFA UEFA Euro...
  15. Heathrow

    BBC Crimewatch Appeal - British Child Disappearance in Paderborn, Germany in 1981

    This is a a long shot, but I thought that any German FG members should see this, especially if aged around 33 years as well. She may have grown up and gone to school in Germany, if still alive. (The BBC didn't say if the re-appeal is also being put out in Germany.) BBC Crimewatch Appeal -...
  16. Heathrow

    BBC Documentaries

    Probably best known worldwiide for David Attenborough wildlife documentaries, the BBC also produces many excellent documentaries on science, history and just about everything else. BBC General Documentaries List - 460 Wiki Pages BBC Science Documentaries List - 17 Wiki Pages BBC History...
  17. Heathrow

    EU Carbon Tax on Airlines

    First America: The Guardian - Senate passes bill to shield US airlines from EU carbon-emissions law Then the BRICs: IBTimes - India to Boycott EU Airline Tax Russia is also not happy, dunno about Brazil. I have no idea if this tax is a good idea to reduce carbon or if it is needed or...
  18. Heathrow

    UCL 2012/13 Thread - UEFA Champions League

    Tuesday 18th September 2012 Group C AC Milan V Anderlecht Borussia Dortmund V Ajax Din Zagreb V FC Porto Malaga V Zenit St P'sbg Montpellier V Arsenal Olympiakos V Schalke 04 Paris SG V Dynamo Kiev Real Madrid V Man City Wednesday 19th September 2012 Group G Barcelona V...
  19. Heathrow

    EPL 2012/13 Thread - The English Premier League

    Saturday 18th August 2012 Arsenal v Sunderland Fulham v Norwich QPR v Swansea Reading v Stoke West Brom v Liverpool West Ham v Aston Villa Newcastle v Tottenham Sunday 19th August 2012 Wigan v Chelsea Man City v Southampton Monday 20th August 2012 Everton v Man Utd * * * The...
  20. Heathrow

    Have you ever called the Emergency Services? (911.999 112, etc)

    The 999 emergency services available in the UK are as follows: Police Paramedics / ambulance Fire & Rescue Service Coast Guard (Mountain & Cave Rescue is also called by the other emergency services, as required.) I called the Fire service once, when I was sitting in my 3rd floor apartment in...