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  1. Dygear

    Vietnam Special in HD?

    Don't play with my heart strings! Share the goods!
  2. Dygear

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    Top Gear - Sponsored by Snickers.
  3. Dygear

    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    Can't thank you enough, Viper for this site and all of the hard work you put into it. Thank you one and all.
  4. Dygear

    Clarkson: The torygraph - Jeremy Clarkson criticised for parking in disability bay

    Wow ... What the fuck. Randall is pretty young, so I would think that his fiancee is also pretty young as well. That's terrible!
  5. Dygear

    Clarkson: The torygraph - Jeremy Clarkson criticised for parking in disability bay

    He has been parking in handicapped spots for much longer then that. I'm pretty sure that it's his mother who has it.
  6. Dygear

    Stephen Fry is NOT James May!

    Wait, so you're saying that someone who is not James May, is not James May. Shocking news, and on the bomb shell, it's time to end the thread.
  7. Dygear

    Clarkson: The torygraph - Jeremy Clarkson criticised for parking in disability bay

    Steve Jobs does this all of the time. Where's the out crys for that?
  8. Dygear

    [17x06] July 31st, 2011

    Surprisingly mature, and very funny, thoroughly enjoyed this episode.
  9. Dygear

    [17x05] July 24th, 2011

    I think if the anoucer after they cut off the show said "And on that bomb shell.", and Jezza saying "Hey that's my line." would of made me lol.
  10. Dygear

    [17x05] July 24th, 2011

    It would have to be the 2-Eleven.
  11. Dygear

    [17x02] July 3rd, 2011

    The Jay Kay SIARPC segments are really good tho from a car lover prospective, but I think I enjoyed Tom Cruse and Cameron Diaz. I think that Jay Leno would make for an epic SIARPC guest.
  12. Dygear

    The New Stig Has To Set a Lap Time.

    The New Stig has to set a lap time. We only have the Sacked Stig Time. I wonder if the new Stig is faster then the old.
  13. Dygear

    Main Site Questions

    Thank you Viper. To bad you don't have the Logo PDF. :( I wonder what the license is for the Porsche font. For example could it be used with the @font-face.
  14. Dygear

    Main Site Questions

    Anyone know the font used in the Logo and on the front page of the website for the section heads? Also, does anyone have a PSD version of the site logo?
  15. Dygear

    F1/McLaren art

    Holy shit, they look JUST like the ones the FiA had up on their website ... VERY impressive!
  16. Dygear

    Now Jeremy Clarkson makes 'whore' jibe about Katie Price....

    She has been on the show ...
  17. Dygear

    What TGUS Presenter to Drop? [Part 2]

    I find that statement ironic, seeing as I have 4 years on you.
  18. Dygear

    What TGUS Presenter to Drop?

    Much like Top Gear UK droped Jason Dawe after the first series back in 2002, to swap him out with James May, who would you drop from Top Gear US, and then who would you replace him with? You can only drop one presenter.
  19. Dygear

    The Stig legal case told by primary school kids

    I used to live in England, and I've not seen this show in YEARS! Thank's for the memories!
  20. Dygear

    [01x07] January 2nd, 2011

    8 / 10, auction at the end made the show and I laughed quite a few times watching it. Not going around the track in the CR-Z was a disappointment.