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  1. Kebab gud

    "Death by understeer" (Registered Audi Trademark)

    and people say the TT does not understear ..
  2. Kebab gud

    What Luxerysports sedan do you prefer?

    So ok.. Basicly Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Lexus all have Sports Sedan out/coming by the end of the year Audi RS4: been out a while, 420ps, 430Nm (317 lb-ft) 4,2L V8 6-speed BMW M3: Coming soon , 420ps, 400Nm (295 lb-ft) 4L V8 6-Speed Lexus IS-F: Coming Desember, 420ps, 505Nm (373 lb-ft) 5L V8...
  3. Kebab gud

    my dear english friends! is this real?

    YEs.. i want to know.. how much can i trust this site and does anyone here have info on this? You see, from what i heard the last Toyota 2000Gt in England was sold to Japan in 1998, ohh and its WAY! too cheap! so is it real.. if it...
  4. Kebab gud

    Spyshots: Toyota LandCrusier 100

    Yes.. finaly toyota is replacing the Land crusier 100 Its never been a good looking car but that dosent count when you hold the record for car that has explored the most of the world or some shitt like that anyway .. here it is
  5. Kebab gud

    Lexus missing in action

    This is the story about the death of Team Lexus in ALMS im fucking MAD! that car is as perverted looking as the BMW M3 GTR and was made in the same way .. on he razor edge of the rules but FUCK! we will never see it race. all...
  6. Kebab gud

    What do you prefer, Blond or brunette?

    im bored so i started wondering.... what do people on this forum prefer?..blond or brunette? or maybe redhead? black? Open to both sexes, so come on boys and girls I prefer brunettes my self.. yeeee..
  7. Kebab gud

    Help me finding who owns a spanish cellphone number!

    every day, several times a day the phone rings... never! anyone on the other end.. the number is to an spanish cellphone.. so i call on you all to help me finding out who the hell is that phones here 5-6times a day (maybe more, seven times just today) The number is 0034696384776 please...
  8. Kebab gud

    The Dark Knight.

    The title and lead badguy for the upcomming Batman Begins sequel was announced this monday by WB and Chris Nolan The title is simply "The Dark Knight" and will feture academy award nominee Heath Ledger as The Joker.. Rumord to play the penguin is Philip Seymour Hoffman thou not confirmd that...
  9. Kebab gud

    A Toyota.. worthy of a living God!

    Yes.. the Emperor and Empress of Japan are getting a new car.. After over 30years of driving around in an Nissan Prince Royal the emperor is now getting a new car.. and this time.. its a Toyota first off.. some history In 1967 Toyota came out with the Century.. here is a picture .. 60sish...
  10. Kebab gud

    Lexus finaly stepping up with a Hot IS

    after almost 10 years of waithing.. its finaly here ... in september! the IS500 (or IS460... ) Can Lexus take on the E92 M3, C63AMG and the RS4 head on and win? but the beat part is..... its nanny-free! acording to the new LS460 is the first lexus that you can turn off...
  11. Kebab gud

    The Stig tests the Toyota F1 racer...indoor Sounds like fun .. hope its on this seson.. EDIT: ok .. it on THIS week :P
  12. Kebab gud

    who should be in F1 next seson..

    personaly i want Bruno Senna in F1 .. the nephew of the legend Ayrton Senna.. it whould be cool to see the Senna helmet back in a F1 car.. Bruno Senna in his uncles 1986 Lotus 98T there is a Petition online to get bruno to use the exact design and colors of his uncles helmet.. (not just...
  13. Kebab gud

    Need help finding a site

    about a year ago i found a site where the users post there drawings and paintings.. most of them (that i remeber) where Scifi /future oriented but there was a fantasy section and car section and so on .. most of the pitures was CGI but not all .. anyone have any idea? Ohh and its NOT...
  14. Kebab gud

    Original or photoshopped? which one do you prefer?

    first off.. i did not take the picture nor did i PS it.. i just want your oppinion which Do you prefer? The original Or the photoshopped? (it has a few ruf edges but you get the point) If anyone wants to know, the car is a 96 Toyota Chaser (JZX100)
  15. Kebab gud

    Facelift Toyota Avensis

    Dada! here is the facelift Toyota Avensis a facelift that did alot for the car...
  16. Kebab gud

    Ultimate Upcoming Supercar showdown

    now adays there are a lot of high power supercars cars coming from som big players Aston Martin DBS, Lexus (what ever), Updated McMerc SLR, Ferrari 599, Audi R8, BMW Z10, Nissan GT-R, Honda "NSX mk2" and so on and so on.. All due to out on the marked in 0-3 years but which of these (and the...
  17. Kebab gud

    Spypicures of Updates SLR

    Spypicures of the Updates SLR i cant remember what the rumors bout this car was.. but i read them on this site
  18. Kebab gud

    8 Most tragic deadths in motorsports

    this is my list.. anyone disagree on any of them?? 1: Pierre Levegh, Le Mans 1955: 80 dead... 2: Ayrton Senna, San Marino GP 1994: 3: Henri Toivonen og Sergio Cresto, Tour de Corse 1986: 4: Michael Park, Wales Rally GB 2005: 5: Dale Earnhardt, Daytona 500 2001: (needed an american on...
  19. Kebab gud

    is the saleen all its cracked up to be?

    there is a lot of talk here about the Saleen S7 Twin turbo.. some (americans) are conviced that it is faster then the Koenigsegg but lets look at some facts.. This is a S7 in profile Now lets compare that to currant and former record holders.. Bugatti Veyron.. Koenigsegg CCR Mclaren F1...
  20. Kebab gud

    Whats with the french bashing in the US?

    a few years ago .. lets say.. 2003-2004. alot of americans where bashing the french why? For the love of god.. i just can figure it out. they have done more for the US then you (americans) can ever repay yet you still treat them like crap.. is this something that only one part of americans do...