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  1. teeb

    [23x01] May 29th, 2016

    Rory Reid and Chris Harris present a half-hour extra show, combining extra with behind-the-scenes. Find them all here Already more enjoyable than the main show - we saw construction of the rallycross track (meh), Chris Harris take the Nomad for a TG lap (interesting), the new Mini driven round...
  2. teeb

    Ownership Verified: Good news, everyone: teeb's new Dacia Duster!

    New Dacia Duster in blue. Handy for where I live. Sorry it's not an MX-5! Some commonly-asked questions: Does it handle OK, or is it wallowy? Yes. Dacia? Why? Romanians are known for high-quality workmanship. And it annoys the UKIP peoples. Have you planned any mods? I am going to install a...
  3. teeb

    New Lotus Elite (and pics)

    Source :
  4. teeb

    Spykers now being made in UK; soon to realise why everyone else left

    Sauce. The UK : We make black cabs, Spykers, Nissan Micras and Lotuses (Lotii?)! From a more serious point of view, this looks like a gamble. They're banking on the UK pound's value staying low in order to keep costs low. If the pound suddenly becomes strong, they're in more trouble than...
  5. teeb

    Morgan Aero SuperSports [Morgan Centenary]

    I can't describe how much, in words, I want this car. Link
  6. teeb

    Wacky land speed record updates

    Land Speed Record for Wind-Powered Car broken, now 126.1mph (link) Attempt on Land Speed Record for steam-powered cars (currently 128mph) fails (link) And Andy Green, current land speed record holder (for any car), going to be racing - for the first time ever - an Elise in order to raise...
  7. teeb

    Aston Martin Lagonda - "We've lost our DB9 tracing paper!"

    Sorry Aston, I take it all back! Please, I've changed my mind. Make every car look like the DB9 after all - as long as it means this dies in a fire. source
  8. teeb

    Christmas food!

    It's almost December, which means it's time to almost start thinking about Christmas cookings. I was wondering : are there certain foods that you make for Christmas (outside the obvious turkey!) ? Some recipes you associate with Xmas? Anyway, I thought I would share a recipe I use for ginger...
  9. teeb

    [is crap] May, Hammond in pay standoff?

    Link Why do I think this is crap? It's in the Guardian, who have been a bit anti-Top Gear in the past, and there's no actual source. We'll wait and see.
  10. teeb

    Is discrimination ever acceptable?

    I've been thinking a lot, partly due to this thread and partly due to a proposed bill in the UK. At the moment, positive discrimination (or affirmative action) is unlawful in the UK and quotas/selective systems are not permitted. The bill seeks to change that by allowing firms to discriminate...
  11. teeb


    If we can have a thread about cereal we can have a thread on this... I was in the supermarket and they were selling revision books for exams (exam time is coming up). I thought you might like to have a look at some of the questions for English, they made me laugh. How many can you get? I've...
  12. teeb

    24 Hours of Le Mans meat?

    I'm just wondering. I've seen a few people mention Le Mans in passing. Is anyone going in person this year? I'm tempted to go along - it's not exactly far, even if all the TGVs are already fully booked - but ain't going to a 24 hour race on my lonesome (friends here aren't petrolheads). It's...
  13. teeb

    Free issue of Top Gear mag / EVO mag...

    WH Smith, a UK newsagent chain, has started selling lots of their instore magazines online. As a special offer, it's offering anyone who registers now one free download of any mag of their choice - to the first 10,000 people. You need to register for free on WH Smith's website, then follow the...
  14. teeb

    I like driving in my Ka... (Euro Ka revealed)

    The new Euro Ka has sneaked out, thanks to Auto Express. Same platform as the Fiat 500, so should drive OK. Three powertrains from the get-go, with a 68 hp 1.2L, a 100 hp 1.4L, and a 1.3L, 50 mpg diesel. Rumor has it that a hotter Ka ST is on its way as well, with 150 hp coming from a...
  15. teeb

    President's Question Time? (doesn't contain nanny state)

    Six days ago now, John McCain said this in a speech : He wants to use the British (and Canadian) system of Prime Minister's Questions and use it in the US Houses. To give people who don't know, to give you a quick idea, in the UK PMQs is a half hour long session on Wednesdays in which any MP...
  16. teeb

    What're your pet peeves?

    Inspired by Scott's flag thread, what are your pet peeves? What are the rational or irrational little things that annoy you? Mine are : People who have an inability to distinguish between your and you're Apostrophe misuse in signposts (Potato's ?1 a kilo, or in Bordeaux there's a Sandwich's...
  17. teeb

    FinalGear's Most Beautiful Cars Results! pt1

    Hello! Huge thank you to everyone who entered. And here are the results! Quick fact : we have 160 separate cars in total. So just a couple then! In part 1, I'm going to go through all the cars that got 10 or less points. I'll give you a photo of each, and a short snippet of info. Don't worry...
  18. teeb

    "I'm sleeping with my daughter but you know, so what."

    Here, have a link. My emboldening : Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... Poor daughter, too. That's going to be an awkward "where's grandpa?" conversation when she's older.
  19. teeb

    FinalGear's Most Beautiful Cars

    I wanted to call this FinalGear's Cars that're Really Aesthetically Pleasing, or FinalGear's C.R.A.P for short, but I wasn't allowed. Okay, so this thread brought up plenty disagreements and arguments. I thought we'd try it for ourselves. So here is FinalGear's Most Beautiful Cars. In the...
  20. teeb

    Make your own ceiling cat

    I'm sure most of you know of the Lolcats phenomenon - you take a picture of a cat and add a caption in kittin English. Well, one of my favourites (besides monorail cat) is ceiling cat. When I found out that there was a papercraft version - one you could make at home using only scissors and...