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  1. Talibanator

    Buying An STI. Need Informational Assist.

    Hello all. I recently moved to Georgia for the Army and am looking at getting a 2011 WRX STI Wagon. I got some numbers from the dealer and from consumer reports, but I really am needing an outside source to look at that and tell me if I'm heading down the path to getting screwed, or if this is a...
  2. Talibanator

    Passo di San Bernadino Needed ASAP

    I am currently sitting in a Hotel room in a random village in North Italy. I have just attacked the Furka pass, and everything around it, in the rain. I went to the Passo di San Bernadino and it was snowing, and closed. The weather report shows it should be clearing up today and I intend to hit...
  3. Talibanator

    Transfagarasan/Switzerland Road Trip

    I am planning a road trip to the Transfagarasan in Romania and Switzerland as well (18 June - 6 July time frame) and need some assistance with the Transfagarasan, Romania, part. I've been looking for some information on the area and have been coming up short. Any assistance would be great. My...