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  1. Dygear

    The New Stig Has To Set a Lap Time.

    The New Stig has to set a lap time. We only have the Sacked Stig Time. I wonder if the new Stig is faster then the old.
  2. Dygear

    Main Site Questions

    Anyone know the font used in the Logo and on the front page of the website for the section heads? Also, does anyone have a PSD version of the site logo?
  3. Dygear

    What TGUS Presenter to Drop?

    Much like Top Gear UK droped Jason Dawe after the first series back in 2002, to swap him out with James May, who would you drop from Top Gear US, and then who would you replace him with? You can only drop one presenter.
  4. Dygear

    Top Gear - Top Challenge Ideas

    McLaren having a problem getting the new front wing to Singapore. Johnathan Neil transporting the part in a flight case on a airbus A3-80 and the flight crew thinking it was part of their new aircracft because of the packing it was in. I think it would be a cool challenge to see a Top Gear Top...
  5. Dygear

    Call for suggestions on torrent hosts.

    I'm am calling for suggestions for a new host for the .torrent file hosted here. Can you post unique links only, and if the user has to sign up to download the torrent file. Post Format: URL: ${URL} Sign Up Required?: Yes || No The results of this thread will then be put into a poll, where...
  6. Dygear

    I don't think they are comming back.

    Anyone else think that Top Gear is done? Getting a strange vibe from that last video they had on the show. None of the 'We will see you in the winter!', he only said, "Good night." So, is this good night, for good?
  7. Dygear

    BBC moves to file-sharing sites

    The BBC will offer some of it's content online via Azureus's Zudeo. This could mean that we could here in the US download the UK version of the show! Full story here :
  8. Dygear

    Help a fellow forum dweller out.

    My team leaders wife's cat ('their' Cat) is in a web picture contest. It would mean a lot to his wife if he got more votes. He's not even worried about the cat winning, but the wife was a little upset when he had so few votes. So my team leader just want the wife to see some more votes on there...
  9. Dygear

    SimFIA Logo

    I would like to be able to get a better logo for SimFIA then the one I have made by myself. But only enter your logo if you are willing to give up all rights to it and transfer the rights over to me. That would include all source files used in the production of the logo (such as the psd file).
  10. Dygear


    If any of you would like to sign up for the next season of SimFIA's F1, GP2, or GTRC events please take alook at the I myself am the founder, and I would love to see more guys join up for our events that I run. All events are run just like they are in real life. All rules...
  11. Dygear

    DivX || XviD Video Compression

    Anyone want to tell how they made an hour video of about 2.6 gigabytes into 1 hour video of 350MB. Simply that is out standing, and I would love to know how to do this.
  12. Dygear

    Live For Speed : F1

    This league will have the FO8 in F1 2005 V10 trim, and running at a redline of 19,000 RPM with 925+ BHP. Sounds like fun? Then mix in some Blackwood GP, South City Long, Fern Bay Gold, Green, and Black, Kyoto GP Long, Westhill International, AS Historic, and AS GP. Sounds like more fun? Strap...
  13. Dygear

    PHP Code For This Site.

    Viper, do you happen to want to share to code of the next TopGear / FifthGear episode with me? I know, I know, I am very lazy, but I have done so much PHP coding lately it's starting to bore me. So, if you should feel like shareing, just let me know . . .