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  1. M_Bolc

    Ownership Verified: FG's first MQB? '15 Audi A3 1.2 TFSI

    I picked up my new car last Tuesday. This is the new Audi A3 just hitting the markets on this side of the pond. For Costa Rica we got an unusual combination as the volume model, 3 or 5 door hatchback, 1.2TFSI engine and a 5 speed gearbox. From what I read this engine is available in Germany...
  2. M_Bolc

    Help me chose a new ride

    Yes yes, so yet another post asking for help choosing a ride. This is slightly different because I do have a "finalist" selection, although I admit they are dissimilar. Please note that suggestions are well received, but there are a few ground rules: no French cars, and no US cars. Those have...
  3. M_Bolc

    Porsche develops oil line specifically for its older models

    I like how Porsche constantly keeps on developing and improving even for its older models. For example they recently released a new tire option for Carrera GT owners. linky
  4. M_Bolc

    Issues after using Restore engine additive.

    Hello, I'd like to focus this on the effects over the engine, and not the fact that I used this crap. As a background, there was very slight sludge in my engine visible through the oil fill hole. We removed the valve cover and found that there wasn't any other issue aside from a small amount of...
  5. M_Bolc

    This is just... Ugh, puke taste in my throat.

    This is one of the worst mods ever. Can't post pictures right now since I am on my iPhone, can someone grab them?
  6. M_Bolc

    Suzuki cars is dead in the US. Chapter 11 filing

    Not a surprise really Source:
  7. M_Bolc

    Skoda Fabia randomly cutting out while rolling

    Need a bit of insight. The Fabia is acting weirdly all of a sudden. While driving it is momentarily shutting off (less than a second). All the warning lights light up and all gauges die, but then it starts back up normally (sort of like bump or push starting it). It is doing it while rolling...
  8. M_Bolc

    Fiat got it right, 500 Abarth sold out for 2012 Model Year in the US

    Some much needed good news for Fiat, they sold out all the 2012 production for the Abarth, people are going on the 2013 waiting list. Source:
  9. M_Bolc

    No 56k: Limp wrist brigade. Fiat 500 Sport

    So, after an eternity of waiting and customs blocks my car was delivered on Wednesday. I've driven it about 200km and absolutely love it! I had driven the 1.2 which was fine, but the 1.4 is really suited to this little car. Economy is awesome, and from what I have felt around some S bends and...
  10. M_Bolc

    First timer?s guide to F1?

    Hi, so I?ll be flying to Belgium next week and of course I have already bought tickets for the Spa Race. My brother has been living there for the past year, so getting there shouldn?t be a problem, but I do have some questions. How early should I get there? I?m sitting on the general admission...
  11. M_Bolc

    '03 Volkswagen Golf GTI

    I decided to test out the HDR feature on the iPhone 4 camera, and the best subject I have to picture is the car... so here they are. For a cell phone camera I find them quite up to snuff :D This is my car, by far the one I have most enjoyed so far. I've had it for about a year and I bought it...
  12. M_Bolc

    Clutch switch

    So, I have a US import VW Golf III, and thanks to the nannying imposed by lawyers and such, every time I start the car I have to depress the clutch. I have never driven a car like that, and it's annoying to say the least, all my cars have been manual but never with this stupid system. Is there...
  13. M_Bolc

    97 VW GTI

    Well, here it is: Got it on saturday, it trully is impecable. Crappy shots with my cell phone, I'll get some better ones tomorrow.
  14. M_Bolc

    Cracking leather

    My car's seats are getting a bit of cracks in the leather, nothing serious yet, just some things that if I dont take care of them will hurt the leather in the near future. Nothing has ripped, but I have noticed how it no loger feels as smooth. What good products are there to recondition the leather?
  15. M_Bolc

    Car And Driver (et. al.) admit some funny mistakes

    Basically awards given to non deserving cars over the years. Some are funny (Renault Alliance), some aren't, like the Lincoln Town Car, that one just hurts...
  16. M_Bolc

    Will my tires kill me?

    I noticed this on my tires, mostly on the front ones, they were rotated a while back, and the rears have no such signs. Basically there are little chunks missing from the outer tread, the tires have 31.000km on them, and are from March '07. I don't drive fast, or on gravel, just normal...
  17. M_Bolc

    Spied: Audi A7

  18. M_Bolc

    Skoda Symphony radio is locked, help!

    I had to disconect the battery from an 05 Skoda Fabia with the Symphony radio, after reconecting, it locked itself. The manual says that I should have a 4 digit code, and if I don't it should be recognized automatically by the ECU, that ain't happening... Help? I don't want to wait till monday...
  19. M_Bolc

    Any good samaritan with a Carfax account?

    Hi, is there any good samaritan out here with a Carfax account willing to share? I have an unlimited amount of e-beers to give out :P The VIN is 3VWSA29M9XM040928, the car supposedly has 36.000 miles on it, which looks a bit suspicious, since its a 99
  20. M_Bolc

    Pedestrian safety laws have gone too far!

    Just look at this, if you can bare with it!