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  1. pepitko

    Ford to bring back physical radio controls for frustrated touchscreen users Yay for knobs! I always thought that touchscreens to control heat/radio would be annoying due to getting smudged up quickly and forcing to look away from the road more compared to physical buttons and switches.
  2. pepitko

    News: Audi is said to be in talks to buy Ducati

    Sounds interesting, VAG is apparently building an empire. Given the fact that their main success formula is to share the same components among various brands, I don't see how can they apply this to a motorcycle maker. Ducati TDI, maybe? :P...
  3. pepitko

    My Ducati Monster 796

    I got a new job at the end of summer and decided to pull the trigger of something I was dreaming about for the last three years. So here's my Ducati Monster 796 ABS in the lovely pearl white with the traditional red frame. I ended up buying the bike in Austria, it has done 3,200km when I picked...
  4. pepitko

    Image test

    Trying out linking images from various sources. I've just created a Flickr account, so will try to see how it works. Untitled by pepitko, on Flickr
  5. pepitko

    NAS (Network attached storage) help

    I'd like to hear some advice on NAS. I'm thinking of getting one for my home network, in which I have a PC laptop, a MacBook Pro (on its way:)), desktop PC, two iPhones and an xbox 360. So having all tv shows, movies, music, in one place and accessible from anything is really what I'm looking...
  6. pepitko

    Zonda F Clubsport Roadster totaled in "the most expensive crash in history"

    The Pagani Zonda F Clubsport Roadster just got a bit more exclusive as 1 of the 25 made was totaled recently. The article says that he's a banker, but apparently he is the owner of Gemballa, so more of an investor, and walked away with a bruise. Sad to see the car go though :(...
  7. pepitko

    Driver puts 100 octane gasoline into 745d, bursts into flames

    This happened in Czech Republic two days ago. A driver (the article didn't mention whether it was a man or a woman) put a "high quality" 100 octane gasoline in a BMW 745d and drove off. After a short while flames underneath the car started to appear, and the firefighters had to lift the car to...
  8. pepitko

    Audi A1 sells for $525,000 and it's pink

    Okey, so it's an art car sold at a charity auction, but still.
  9. pepitko

    Andy Wilman on upcoming series, lists his top 10 favorite TG films

    Hopefully this hasn't been posted yet, hidden in the subscribers section of the times website.
  10. pepitko

    Spied: All new Dacia ...wait for it... HAMSTER

    Yes, the new hybrid AWD Dacia will be called Hamster :hamster: :lol:.
  11. pepitko

    Spoilers: Clarkson rolls Reliant Robin

    This is over a week old, correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't seen it posted here, so here goes.
  12. pepitko

    Spied: 2011 BMW M5 on the Ring

    Snatched this off website. This is a video of the 2011 BMW M5 lapping the ring, followed by a bright orange M3 GTS, so don't forget to turn up the volume :).
  13. pepitko

    UK might impose taxes on airlines to discourage people from flying

    Spotted this interesting article this morning, thought I'd share it with you. As a part of 80% cut in emissions by 2050 the UK government might impose taxes (or CO2 emissions tax) on flight tickets to discourage people from flying. How about putting taxes on beef and milk to discourage...
  14. pepitko

    HELP PLS - looking for a new speaker system

    Finally I got around to clean up my place last week, sold of my trusty old PC 5.1 speakers (had nowhere to connect them to anymore). So, right now I need help and advice. I'd like to get a new speaker system (preferably 5.1, I don't want to have a living room full of speakers) to connect to my...
  15. pepitko

    SPAM on gmail is everywhere!

    I'll start by saying that I am a happy gmail user. But I am getting frustrated with spam and in a need of advice. I was curious why my inbox is so big in size, when I don't have that many emails in there. And what I found was that I have SPAM emails everywhere - in sent items (sent from "me" to...
  16. pepitko

    Project Natal - Xbox's motion sensor thingy

    This has been mentioned a bit in the E3 thread, but it deserves a thread of its own :). The Project Natal is a motion sensor camera for Xbox that was introduced at E3 just a couple of days ago. What do you people think? Would you buy it and more importantly would you use it? I think it's quite...
  17. pepitko

    My new two-wheeled Peugeot

    Good news, I've just bought a scooter for commuting to work! It's a Peugeot JetForce 125 EFI, which stands for direct injection. Its one cylinder, 4-stroke water-cooled engine develops a mighty 10 KW or 13 HP propelling the scooter up to a top speed of 120 kmh/74 mph (electronically limited...
  18. pepitko

    Interesting article on speed limits

    Here's a quite recent article showing an interesting view on speed limits from a police officer saying that some speed limits are set too low. Enjoy!
  19. pepitko

    DRM-free music, where to get it?

    I am posting this, because the situation is hopeless. Despite the fact that I live in an EU country, most of online music stores (iTunes, eMusic, Wallmart, Amazon, etc.) aren't availalbe here. Only available music store I found so far, is a local one offering only music in DRM-protected wmv...