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  1. NooDle

    Ownership Verified: Fuel? Where we’re going, we won’t need fuel! ==>NooDle’s eGolf

    So yeah, this happened. Since most of my commutes are short and fuel is expensive, I thought I’d try this fpr a couple of years. Bonus : it’s a company car so all I’m paying is electricity. I have a charging point at home so I’ll be able to recharge here, and there’s a few at work too so I’m not...
  2. NooDle

    I'm dreaming of a hot Christmas! Southern Hemisphere people join in!

    It all started here, now everyone can join in and weird me out with pictures of sun and beaches on Xmas day. FWIW we usually have shitty weather at Xmas and no snow, today was no different,lots of clouds, drizzle, a lot of wind and 7?C. So do your worst!
  3. NooDle

    2016 Italian GP

    FP 1 tells us that Ferrari is nowhere (if the times are to be believed).... Over a second slower than both Mercs, with Hamilton leading obviously. Still hoping for a red suit on the podium on Sunday though....
  4. NooDle

    Baku, anyone?

    Brand new Monaco style track where they reach 350 kph and nobody gives a shit? :dunno: Anyways, Hamilton is screwed because of his position, Rosberg will run away with this one. Ferraris are slow on the straights do I dunno what they'll do. Oh and everyone will pile up in T1 like the gp2 race...
  5. NooDle

    F1 Grand Prix de Belgique 2015

    So.... Couple of weeks to go still, but surely there's enough to discuss? I'll get the ball rolling : - What do we think about the new starting regulations? It seems Merc will be most affected? - Greatest track ever! Wooo eau rouge! Pouhon! La source! 2014 Merc crash controverse! - Will...
  6. NooDle

    looking for something REALLY specific

    Hi gang! I was looking for any episode which features my new car (C1)...I know the Aygo review, and that it featured in the "lets freeze Hammond" segment in the Winter Olympics special.... but there's one more I can't seem to find. I'm looking for an episode in which Jeremy has a bunch of cars...
  7. NooDle

    Ownership Verified: My Citroen C1!

    You could say I swapped my big assed German woman for a petite French one instead! As some of you may know, I've already driven and reviewed this car, and I still stand by my verdict. However, as I don't really do the mileage I did anymore, nor do I need the space (and definitely not the...
  8. NooDle

    The "dad club" just got a new member

    ... ME! My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last wednesday at 9.58 am. We've named him Kyan Vital stats are 3.360 kgs and 50cm, and he is in fine health Can't add much more than I'm super proud and happy right now! pictures!
  9. NooDle

    who can help me with a custom script?

    Here's the thing... Every week or so I run a couple of programs to do cleanup on the PC, like antivirus, anti spyware, etc, to keep it cootie free. As this is very processor/HD intensive, I run the 3 programs at the same time, and not use the PC while it's doing that...but since it takes...
  10. NooDle

    News: Golf GTD announced

    My apologies for bringing taking your attention away from the porn that is the Pagani Zonda R, but I'm here to bring you a tractor engine in a hatchback, since I have a thing for fast diesels (see also : what I drive) The Golf GTD then. For us Euro's it's a common sight, for the rest of the...
  11. NooDle

    News: A 700 hp Nissan GT-R?

    Oh yes now, let's get it onto the Nurburging for ANOTHER argument :lol:
  12. NooDle

    question about wireless networks/file sharing

    So, the situation is this : I have a setup like this at home : desktop PC on the first floor, telephone wire + modem on the ground floor. because I couldn't be arsed to have a mile long wire connect the modem to the PC, I went the wireless way. So its now phone + modem + wireless router. The...
  13. NooDle

    When buying a brand new car, ...

    ... how do you guys go about choosing the options? I had a discussion with a mate of mine and we couldn't agree. To me, there's 2 ways of doing this : - thinking about every option like 'do I really need this? Will I use it? Can I see myself without? is it worth the extra money? etc.' -...
  14. NooDle

    Citroen C1/Peugeot 107/Toyota Aygo get a facelift

    ...and I don't like it! WHYYYYYY do all new cars have to have a huge big grinning face like => :D I prefer the old one by miles : thoughts? or doesn't anyone care about this since they're just boring little hatchbacks? :P
  15. NooDle

    Steering wheel help needed

    So, after 6 or so years my old Microsoft PC wheel is dying, it's not being recognized all the time and working intermittently. So i'm looking for a new one. The kicker is that I now own a PS2 and would like a steering wheel that works with both. Trouble is I have no idea which one to get and...
  16. NooDle

    An electric 911???

    Yes, apparently it is so. German tuner RUF has built a prototype : Apparently mr Ruf has his own hydroplant that produces large amounts of energy, and he had the idea of making an "eRUF", the first "Elektro-Elfer". Some stats : rear engined, +- 204 hp, 650 Nm torque (dayem) 96...
  17. NooDle

    10 sportscars for under 10k? : which would you pick?

    I was reading on a .be carsite and they had a nice article about how you can get most cars really really cheap nowadays. (Caution, funny language ahead if you click the link!) I have no intention of buying any of these cars, but I was surprised at the one I ended up picking as "best of the...
  18. NooDle

    Our "own" car reviews

    Mods, if this is inappropriate or in the wrong section please move it accordingly. Someone did a review of a new Audi A6 a while back, I thought it would be good if we all had a thread in which we can all rant/rave about cars we drive ourselves. Doesn't have to be something particularly...
  19. NooDle

    question about SatNav/GPS systems

    We all know (and probably use) these things, because they're handy and mean you don't have to do any of the difficult "navigating in a place you've never been before" bits. Which is great. But, there's some things I don't get. You have the small "portable" GPS's, like mine : the good : they...
  20. NooDle

    No 56k: Galeria Ferrari

    Well I couldn't visit Italy on holiday and NOT go there, could I? Modena itself is a rather big city, and isn't really as close to the Ferrari factory as they want you to think. Wasn't THAT interesting to be honest. The real factory is situated in an industrial estate in Maranello. 2 blocks...