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  1. MadCow809

    help on finding a video library programme

    I need a programme that has tag support and thumbnailed file library, so that I can arrange my collection of racing videos and movies according to various different tags. Kind of like Windows Media Centre, except I need to sort the files according to multiple tags. I hope I'm making sense...
  2. MadCow809

    How to start an online shopping site

    So I've been thinking about starting an online shopping site for the local South African market. It's relatively a new industry for the local market, since most potential customers still prefer the traditional method of buying the goods from a reputable store/shop. Having said that, I'm...
  3. MadCow809

    No 56k: more epic barn find...

    I should be writing my political science thesis right now, but fuck it... link I'll let the pics do the talking. so 2 x E30 M3, one has done 59km, other one has 92km. And the RS rally car, only 1042miles on the clock.
  4. MadCow809

    Fucked over from Political Science

    okay, so this subject has really stumped me, since I know absolutely nothing about the american political system. I do take notes during class, and read the prescribed text book, but while I understood every word, it just doesn't make sense when put together in the actual context. So right now...
  5. MadCow809

    Selling my GTI

    What's the fastest / easiest way to sell my car in LA? I'm moving back to South Africa in mid June (yay!), now while this is all great, I'm left with the problem of selling my car. This will be something new for me, since I normally just opt the trade-in method that the dealer offers. However...
  6. MadCow809

    Gemballa : German tuning boss missing in Joburg

    pepper steak sauce mushroom sauce
  7. MadCow809

    How to syphon petrol from a car?

    Same as topic. I'm asking this question for my cousin, since he is living in Angola and dying to get some petrol for his generator (LOL, 3rd world country). Getting petrol from the garage pump is out of the question, since the staff at the garage are not allowed to sell petrol to anyone with a...
  8. MadCow809

    weird internet problem after a clean format

    So after a clean format and re-install of Win 7 x64, I discovered an weird and annoying problem which I can't rectify. It seems like my computer has somehow blocked both of these sites, RU and this site. Both these sites won't load up with any of the popular web browsers that I tried (Opera, IE...
  9. MadCow809

    Computer Controlled DSG Transmission

    sauce Pretty cool, this bloke builds a DSG gearbox and the controller using Meccano. Pretty spectacular stuff : )
  10. MadCow809

    Talk to me about laser jammer.

    so, long story short... I got pulled over for speeding, AGAIN! :mad: :mad: :mad: This time is around the Pasadena area : ( Anyway, I'm fed up with this fucking policy of having like 1000+ police vehicles on the road, ready to catch ppl out for stupid mistakes, just so the government can...
  11. MadCow809

    FAO : MKV GTI Owners or Tyre Experts

    I'll let the picture do the talking first: Yeah, it happened while I was on the highway, doing about 90mph in the fast lane. :| I heard a loud flapping noise as the tyre disintegrates, that's when I realised that my front right tyre finally gave in. I took the closest off ramp that I could...
  12. MadCow809

    F1 Mini Stats & Potential Future Champions

    Potential Future Champions : Judging from their 09 season's performance, who do you reckon will have the potential of becoming the future F1 champion? Felipe Massa Races:116 Wins:11 Podiums:28 Career points:320 Pole positions:15 Fastest laps:12 PODIUM RATE: 24.1% Robert Kubica Races:54...
  13. MadCow809

    Talk to me about headphones...

    So I'm in the market for a pair of high quality headphones, since my current set, Technics RP-F350, offers very little bass and too much treble :mad: My budget is around $150, and I'm not really picky about the brand, as long as its comfortable. It will be mainly used for mp3 playback (from PC...
  14. MadCow809

    RIP : Another Mclaren F1 gone

    Sauce :
  15. MadCow809

    ICH controller problem

    right... so my trusty P965-S board (third PC) has been acting funny for quite sometime now. It seems like the onboard ICH controller (ICH8R) is completely buggered up since I can't use my USB devices properly. Not only that, its starting to effect the HDDs as well, with random self shutdowns...
  16. MadCow809

    SSD - Worth my money?

    Right, so I've been thinking about buying an SSD ever since non-JMicron drives became the mainstream of MLC drives. Problem is, the price is still too steep for my liking. It's about $150 for an OCZ Vertex 30gb, which is $50 more than a Seagate 7200.12 1Tb. And since I'm running out of hdd space...
  17. MadCow809

    Racer vs Driver

    So in your opinion, who are the best racers you've ever seen? And who are the best drivers in your book? A racer should take all sort of risks, fight till the last second, create possible overtaking opportunity by taking in risks, pushing the boundaries and the limit of the car at all time...
  18. MadCow809

    Vauxhall to pull out of BTCC

    link So that will leave us with only privateers? :(