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  1. tone76

    EOI: Adelaide (South Australia) Meet / Come And Try Hillclimb

    Hi fellow Adelaidian FGers. I'm seriously considering going to a Come And Try Hillclimb day in April (date TBA, will confirm with SCCSA), but I haven't been able to rope in anyone I know IRL to try and get their daily driver or spare beater up a hill as quickly as possible. Then it occurred to...
  2. tone76

    Season 4 Wish List

    Assuming there's going to be a Season 4 ... - Dump Shane, bring back Warren (Ewen + Warren + Steve would be quite good I think) - Send TGA back to SBS - Cut costs by sacking the writer (you sucked from 1x01 and you continue to suck to this very day) - Piss the ute off and bring back the Proton...
  3. tone76

    Autoblog: Opel to expand outside Europe; first markets include China and Australia

    I can actually see this working, at least in Australia. Holden seem to be content to source their small cars from Korea, but at the same time there appears to be a demand for a slightly more upmarket small car offering. VW pretty much has this market to itself at the moment, and given the...
  4. tone76

    Unveiled: G-Power X6: World's fastest SUV is also world's ugliest.

    ... or so say Top Gear Australia. I think the article is a little harsh. Call me perverted, but it's almost beautiful in a way. I've seen much uglier SUVs than the G-Power X6 (I'm looking at you, Porsche Cayenne). That, and you...
  5. tone76

    Rumour Mill: Great News! Dacia may eventually arrive in Australia ... via India? So, reading between the lines, it's possible that Renault may introduce Dacia to Australia if the product and pricing is right. The article suggests that should Australia receive Dacia products, they will not...
  6. tone76

    No 56k: Swedish Heavy Metal: 1995 SAAB 900S

    Just bought this today. It needs a wash. I blame Final Gear for encouraging me to buy it. Enjoy! Last pic has proof of ownership. Look closely at the dust on the back window. ;)
  7. tone76

    Advice: buying something so wrong that feels so right

    Hi all, Over the last week, I've been seriously tempted by a Swede ... a SAAB 900 that's for sale near me at a very good price. So what's wrong with that? It's a 1995 NG 900 ... it's one of the key reasons why SAAB is where it is today. I've always loved SAABs, but we're talking the proper...
  8. tone76

    Some say that he lives in Texas, and that his Pontiac has Holden badges on it...

    .. all we know is, he's probably an FG member! :lol::lol:
  9. tone76

    Hyundai-Kia is now world's 4th largest auto manufacturer I was toying with the idea of putting this in one of the C4C threads. Why do I get the feeling that Angela Merkel, Gordon Brown and Barack Obama will be getting Christmas cards from Hyundai-Kia...
  10. tone76

    What Were They Thinking? 4-Cylinder Ford Falcon by 2011! I realise this is only newsworthy to Aussies (and the few Ford aficionados outside Australia that are aware of the Falcon), but my first reaction to this news is 'wtf'!?
  11. tone76

    Mighty Car Mods = MIGHTY EPIC WIN

    This is some of the funniest non-TG car related stuff I've ever seen: There's a whole series of this stuff on YT. Guess what I'll be doing all night ... :D
  12. tone76

    Assuming there's going to be a Series 3 ...

    ... what would you like to see in it? Yes, just like the other thread about Series 2. I'm going to assume that Freehand know about us. We've already sent several goodwill missions from the Internets to TGA, and it's obvious they're getting their feedback from somewhere. Series 2 is so much...
  13. tone76

    GM's Pre-Bankruptcy Fire Sale: Is Holden next?

    Some believe that Holden might be up for sale soon: Given that it's a self-contained car company in its own right (i.e. it can engineer and produce a car from scratch), it has a specific niche...
  14. tone76

    The TGA 'Classic Car Ad' Thread

    2x01 - "Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars!" 2x02 - "Hey Charger!" 2x03 - "Chrysler Sigma: It's A Sensation"
  15. tone76

    Top Gear Russia - Subforum & Countdown?

    Now that Top Gear Russia is with us, will there be a TGR subforum and countdown on the main page? Granted, it may be of slightly limited appeal and/or subject to delays for some (i.e. those of us who don't speak Russian will have to wait for a rip with subs :P), but it's still TG-related. If...
  16. tone76

    SIABSC - who would you want to see crash and burn and why?

    Inspired by this thread. Same deal, only which Aussie celebs would you like to see overcook the Proton and end up in a huge fireball. I'll start: Kyle Sandilands. I probably don't need to elaborate, but just in case ... the guy is a fucking tool. And Australian Idol, just like the rest of...
  17. tone76

    Top Gear - The Board Game!

    Saw an ad during Top Gear 11x01 on SBS tonight for Top Gear: The Board Game. Interestingly, the place to buy them in Adelaide is RAA offices. (!) Will have to pop into my local RAA tomorrow and buy one ... Dunno where to get them from in other parts of the country, though.
  18. tone76 survey

    Has anyone else seen this? Supposedly it's going to be passed onto the producers of TGA. Must have been created a few weeks back as it only focuses on 1x01-1x04. Not sure if it will make much difference but there's no harm in filling it out (i.e. you don't have to give an email address or...
  19. tone76

    TG Aus: Proudly brought to you by ... Volkswagen!?,25197,24351382-7582,00.html I'd like to think that VW purchasing advertising time during TGA isn't going to alter the outcome of the show. That said, if the TGA/SBS/VW relationship works OK, then this might add weight to the claims that NBC are...
  20. tone76

    Clarkson: Cheap Clarkson book at Borders (Australia)

    Just giving you the heads up that Borders has The Clarkson Collection (a compendium with 'The World According To Clarkson', 'Clarkson on Cars' and 'You Know You Got Soul') advertised on their website for $19.95. That said, Borders in Adelaide is currently selling it for $9.95, and I'm still...