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  1. thomas

    Forum Suggestions/Issues

    I need to look it up but I think longer editing was either at some point disabled or a donor feature, not sure. I'll look into it.
  2. thomas

    Ownership Verified: 1995 BMW M3 (US 3.0L), track day car

    That's like a given in a lot of parts of the US and more an annoyance than anything else..
  3. thomas

    Ownership Verified: My its_not_a_golf ev (2020 VW id3)

    I saw a Europcar rental today with a green sticker across the door (torn, it was driving) and was wondering what that was about.. TIL :D
  4. thomas

    Someone Else's Problem: Redliner's Ferrari Wannabe

    Fixed it for the lazy git
  5. thomas

    The donation program is back!

    Since it is purely on PayPals end, you need to cancel it and renew it if it is still on the old address. Wherever PayPal stores recurring payments it possibly says payment to Alex Mills, which then is the old account. It should say or my name for the current one, not sure why...
  6. thomas

    The donation program is back!

    Oh and I didn't really keep track of who did and didn't, but I don't recall many people left as recurring donors and not on the new account. If I am bored enough I'll check again and cross reference the active donors to received payments.. Not right now though 😂
  7. thomas

    The donation program is back!

    Well I got the notification that you canceled it to the ringmeet account.. And Stef just signed up the other day, also going to the correct account.. So.. Not sure what you're seeing or not seeing.. 😁
  8. thomas

    The donation program is back!

    I'm not sure anyone read this properly with the dates and all... 😁 The old account was owned by Alex, and now his sister. She has the money before the change of the accounts, and I told her to keep it if there's anything she/the family needs it for, plus she's holding on to the domain for...
  9. thomas

    Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000

    Why is there supposed to be a higher ram lower Cuda core 3060?! Does that make any sense? Also, a bump from 8 to 10gb for the 3070 is a bit disappointing, especially with that oddball 12gb 3060 in mind.
  10. thomas

    Moab 2021: This time we are going (May 17-21, 2021)

    I wish.. But not very likely.. :(
  11. thomas

    Ownership Verified: 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI

    That's the plan.
  12. thomas

    Does anyone else like vintage HiFi gear?

    Well, there's a reason I referred to him as "the good captain" .. :D I have yet to meet him in person, but he commonly seems to be an alright kind of guy ;). Reminds me, cap, when are you making your way to a ringmeet!?
  13. thomas

    Does anyone else like vintage HiFi gear?

    Whatever you guys figure out, don't keep us in the dark after the fact please.. :D
  14. thomas

    Does anyone else like vintage HiFi gear?

    Well, the good captain seems to be using it, this isn't a sales post.., but who knows.. let's tag him so maybe he notices it quicker. @captain_70s :) Bummer about that crispy pile of rubble..
  15. thomas

    Ownership Verified: Meet Filippo aka The Red Panther - My 2008 Alfa Romeo 159

    An actual Italian, driving an Alfa.. we haven't had that on the Forums in a long time I think :D. Nice color, I have to agree. Good luck with the reliability ;) Also, need to page @gt1750 :P
  16. thomas

    Ownership Verified: Plug Me In, Daddy - Another Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Kelly said you're now officially christened a trailer park hoe... :D (we've stayed in a similar place in France last year..)
  17. thomas

    Ownership Verified: Miami Weiß - My 1989 Chevrolet Corvette C4

    Yeah but we're talking about wheels here, right? Shipping wheels isn't even cheap within the country usually
  18. thomas

    Ownership Verified: Miami Weiß - My 1989 Chevrolet Corvette C4

    International that's probably more like Flat Rape prices..
  19. thomas

    Someone Else's Problem: 1989 Volvo 740GL Estate - Another clunker, Swedish style!

    I bought an E30 for Ringmeet that I kept less than 8 weeks, because it was just too bad to keep.
  20. thomas

    Someone Else's Problem: My new econobox!

    Yay! When will you get a suitable replacement over hia?