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    Monthly Virtual Meets - 2nd Saturday of the Month

    Just press all the buttons.
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    No 56k: A thread about ninjacoco's balls

    Huge balls of chill.
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    Branded Crap
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    And it's one of a few possible words in Portuguese and Spanish for "sheep". Can also be used as a dish/recipe name. And as an insult (in Portugal, at least).
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    Pandas, am I right?

    Some soccer pros in snow-bound Madrid decided to carpool in a Panda:
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    MX5/Miata Thread

    Surprised someone from North America used the proper designation. :p
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Very loud shorts? Like, they have more volume than a certain pair of balls?! :shock2:
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Yeah, it popped up at another forum :spam: I had no idea when her b-day was before I saw it.
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    Here's a thread for it from the Barry Boys forum (a carbage forum):
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    Google Street View Car Sightings - while you play the Street View Game

    This isn't super-special, but since it caught my attention: The three-door model always catches my eye. Also, the light-bar at the back.
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    It belongs to this chap: