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  1. fbc

    Thinking about a Mk4 Golf GTI - thoughts?

    I'm considering selling the Astra and getting something cheaper, the idea of a Mk4 GTI (and getting a tune done on it) came into my head. Thoughts? Advice? Other options for around the same price ($15k AUD)? A previous gen (TS) Astra turbo is also an option. Cheers.
  2. fbc

    Mark Webber seriously injured in cycling accident

    Source Get well soon Mark.
  3. fbc

    Polling polling polling

    Blah fooey
  4. fbc

    Farewell MR2, Hello Astra. Wait, what??

    The time had come after five years of trusty, and more-than-a-little amusing service, to replace the MR2. So I give you my new(ish) set of wheels, the ones that made JC eat his hair. It's a 2006 MY07 (late '06 build) SRi Turbo, 10,000kms old, and just superb to drive. Doesn't look half-bad...
  5. fbc

    Twins, separated at birth... and then marry.

    What are the odds? Source Pretty damn sad - I wonder how this will affect future relationships.
  6. fbc

    Schumacher hijacks (his) taxi

    Source And he insists he wants a quiet retirement... he can't help himself :P
  7. fbc

    iTunes not recognising CD Burners

    I hate iTunes. It's become a mission - the only reason I'm using iTunes is because my recently departed (no, she's not dead, just gone forever) wife bought an iPod (when we were together). The bloody program refuses point blank to recognise either of my optical drives as CD Burners - which...
  8. fbc

    R32 Skyline tries to eat itself

    I'm not a mechanic, but I know 'bad' and 'expensive' when I see it. Hmm, bonnet won't close: That's a bit unusual: And some chassis mods: Ooh, that doesn't look cheap: Well there's your problem!
  9. fbc

    Happy 300,000kms to my MR2! Oh wait...

    So that's what a freakin huge amount of kms looks like... *sigh*
  10. fbc

    Hammond's helmet - HE HAS IT!!!!

    Yes fellow Finalgearers, I've just received word: Richard has the helmet!! I don't have any details of the presentation itself, but I do know it's happened. Before we get to the juicy stuff (the final pics), if you want a full recap on the story, check these threads: Our discussion of the...
  11. fbc

    Kryptonite discovered in mine

    Holy glowing green stuff Batman!! (Oh wait, wrong superhero...) Full report
  12. fbc

    Hamster's Helmet - the next steps

    I figured a new thread would be best for this discussion, and get more attention than bumping the existing thread. January is here and in a few weeks the helmet will being its transformation, so we need to figure out what to do with the helmet. We need: - Somewhere to send / deliver the...
  13. fbc

    McLaren confirms Lewis Hamilton for race seat

    Link I'm really looking forward to seeing how he and Kovalainen measure up - two new young talents in front-running cars (I'm giving McLaren the benefit of the doubt) - bring it on.
  14. fbc

    Hamster's helmet - vote on style & design

    Okay folks, we need to decide on Hamster's helmet. We can go for a full-face (hardcore racer), or open-face (as used on the show). Design wise we have the Zonda pic (this would go on the back): Or the Hammond / Hamster logo (to go either on the back, or sides): From the rough quotes I've...
  15. fbc

    Kovalainen replaces Alonso in 2007

    From here Well deserved too - I expect big things of Heikki - really looking forward to seeing how he goes. Also, Piquet Jr & Zonta are Renault's test drivers for next year. Ferrari are announcing their '07 line up on Sunday after the Monza race.
  16. fbc

    Domain name / hosting question

    I am wanting to register a domain name for the purposes of setting up email addresses on that domain - i.e., etc, and have each address divert mail to an existing POP account ( >, > etc). I know I...
  17. fbc

    This girl's made a brave bet...

    :lol: For reference - counter was at 92,000 when I originally posted this.
  18. fbc

    GM - Viagra's largest customer

    Report Cue jokes about chassis stiffness and rigidity...
  19. fbc

    Think before you post your desktop

    This was posted in a 'post your desktop' thread on another forum I occasionally browse - took a good look at the items on screen... (Original thread here just in case you get any funny ideas about the forum I found that on...)
  20. fbc

    Avatar request

    Hoping one of you kind photoshoppers can help me out - I want to make my avatar look cleaner and get rid of the background, so it's just the car on a white / transparent background. Basically if it could look like Buba's it would be perfect: Link to original image if needed: Thanks in...