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  1. Hercules286

    Subpixel smoothing Open in two tabs and compare. The images are made intentionally small. The reference image is plain ol' bicubic, the subpixel smoothed one is done using this tool...
  2. Hercules286

    Should this computer be able to play 1080p?

    It has an Athlon64 X2 4400+ (2.3 GHz), 2 GB of ram and an ATI Radeon X1650 (pci-express). I've tried it under WinXP, and 32 and 64 flavored versions of Ubuntu and it always gets a bit choppy when there's alot going on. I'm using KMPlayer on all platforms, with CoreAVC codecs on WinXP. CPU usage...
  3. Hercules286

    Bad news everyone: Ssangyong in trouble

    Source tl/dr: They can't pay their workers because they make ugly cars, and they've ran out of money. The SAIC won't give them money until the management resigns, which will probably happen, but hopefully it's too late and they don't have pretty cars in the oven.
  4. Hercules286

    Coolest Civic ever?

    I think so. :cool:
  5. Hercules286

    Texas school district to let teachers carry guns

    Sauce Didn't do your homework? Prepare to die, motherfucker. :mrgreen:
  6. Hercules286

    Things you love that hate others

    We need to see everybody's list on this.
  7. Hercules286

    EU fines Microsoft 1337 million dollars

    Sauce: Microsoft were pwned.
  8. Hercules286

    The loudness war - on TV?

    I'll start by explaining where I'm coming from. For just about until 3 years ago, all the TV shows I watched were dubbed in Bulgarian. The original soundtrack (with voices) is lowered ~15 dB and then you get the dubs on top of that with fairly soft limiting and a boost in the high midrange to...
  9. Hercules286

    USB Mass Storage Trouble my laptop (Acer Aspire 3020) is acting... unpredictably whenever I insert a USB Mass Storage device in its USB port. Sometimes it works, sometimes it says "Cannot recognize USB, GFY. And oh, by the way, here's a driver for unknown devices that does nothing and only gets in your way" which...
  10. Hercules286

    Can you say understeer?

    I think someone needs a wider front tyre. :P
  11. Hercules286

    What the hell IS this car?

    I can usually recognise almost any car I see on the road (I'd imagine most of us can), even if it's been bodykitted, painted and stickered beyond belief, but this little bugger I met a few days ago has got me puzzled. And the other day, I saw one just like it, except it was black. Can anyone...