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  1. johan tb

    [12x06] December 7th, 2008

    Really great show probably the best ever. :cool:
  2. johan tb

    NBC Announces January 2009 Schedule

    Well I was curious how Top Gear USA would be now it seems it's not gonna happen ....... a pitty really. :cry:
  3. johan tb

    BMW M5

    E39 closely followed by the E34. :cool: The E28 looks to old and the E60 although technically brilliant is FUGLY. :P
  4. johan tb


    Oh god I wish some of these morons had less free time on their hands. :P
  5. johan tb

    Which Mercedes? (slow internet warning-pics)

    The SSK. ok it's not as reliable as the SL, but a lot more rarer then a modern Merc. A SL Black suggest a shitload of cash and a racing attitude eg a lot of nouveau riche. A SSK on the other hand suggest real passion and Style IMHO. :D
  6. johan tb

    [01x07] November 10th, 2008

    I think this episode was not as well as it could be. And next week Holden vs Ford (AGAIN)!! What's the point they done that already. I really Ask myself if it's worth the 700MB download. :mad:
  7. johan tb

    Mitsubishi EVO X FQ400 Confirmed!

    I hope there is a gas station after you've done 1-100 in 3,5 sec, because you'll gonna need it. :P but it is indeed a stunning car. The previous Evo's had always to small fuel tanks I hope this one is different though, but I'm afraid that won't be the case. :(
  8. johan tb

    Top Gear Russia

    not the cultural differences but the Russian language. :P If there will be downloads of this series than please with subtitles. :|
  9. johan tb

    Top Gear Russia

    There is one little problem with top gear Russia: I don't speak Russian. :cry:
  10. johan tb

    BMW X1 Concept (Get the Vomit Bags Ready)

    No they go to the dealer and say can I please get an ugly SUV (if you can call it such). :P dealer: yes sir you've got the choice of two cars this little one and the X6 Customer: No the X6 is much to big give me the small one.
  11. johan tb

    Autoblog: Paris Preview: Lamborghini teases new mystery car

    Nice car can't wait to hear what it is capable of (top speed, acceleration) one thing is certain though it will no be cheap. :P
  12. johan tb

    BMW X1 Concept (Get the Vomit Bags Ready)

    Oh god that's ugliest BMW ever the only BMW that can compete with this is the X6. God what a awful car ....... :cry:
  13. johan tb

    No 56k: Koenigsegg CCXR - Tissue and Vasoline optional

    Wow pure pornography in motion. Me want one (or two). :drool:
  14. johan tb

    Paris: Lexus IS250C

    Ok he says Toyota is boring So the Toyota Supra, Celica, Mr2, etc are also boring?? God what a humbug.:? And Lexus has no character test drive a ISF and you'll be surprised
  15. johan tb

    [01x02] October 6th, 2008

    It was indeed a lot better then the last episode, but there is still much to improve and the track....... well I still want a layout, because it's still confusing. :P
  16. johan tb

    Paris: Lexus IS250C

    indeed, but I expect that the luggage space of the cabrio is hopeless with the top down. :(
  17. johan tb

    Paris: Lexus IS250C

    the lugage capacity of the sedan is a littlebit poor if you compare it with the new BMW 3 series and the Mercedes C and the Audi A4 and I know what I'm talking about I've got one too. :P
  18. johan tb

    Paris: Lexus IS250C

    Just a few thoughts: How stable is the car with the roof down and is there any room in the back (backseats) and last but not least the "normal" IS hasn't got the biggest boot in the world but if the roof is down how much luggage space is there left?? ;)
  19. johan tb

    Paris: Lexus IS250C

    As a Lexus IS250 owner I can't say I like it very much.... Yes it's better looking as the SC, but the normal saloon is a lot prettier than the cabrio. :)
  20. johan tb

    [01x01] September 29th, 2008

    Ok I agree with that, lets evaluate it after a couple of episodes but I maintain also that TGUK was even in the first series better than this. I only can hope it will be better ........ :)