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  1. settler

    WTCC at Monza - photos

    Thanks to Chevrolet I was at this year's WTCC race in Monza with a photographer pass. It was a great occasion to spend some in the pitlane during the qualifying and races.
  2. settler

    Geneva Motor Show 2012

    Couple pictures from the first press day at Geneva. I don't have much time now so I'm only posting 10 photos, but there will be more later this or next week.
  3. settler

    Old Citroens in Gdansk

    Couple weeks ago there was a meeting of old Citroens in my city, so I went there to take some pictures and talk with the owners.
  4. settler

    Cars in series 16

    In the last (at least here it was the last) TG Magazine Jeremy tested Zonda R. He wrote that more + lap will be in the show. Also there should be XJ, which was cut from the previous series. Any more info on what cars will be tested in series 16?
  5. settler

    2010 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix

    Race date: 7 November 2010 Number of laps: 71 Circuit length: 4.309 km Lap record: 1:11.473 - Juan Pablo Montoya (2004) Last winner: Mark Webber 1) Pole and win? 2) Who will lead the driver's championship after the race? 3) Who will stay in the championship fight? 4) Rain in quali or race? 5)...
  6. settler

    Galleria Ferrari

    Before the Italian GP I went to Maranello. Main entrance to the factory. 125 S - the first Ferrari. This one (156) was amazing - the whole car was lower than the wheels. There were many...
  7. settler

    Pictures from 2010 Italian Grand Prix

    Thursday pit lane walk allows to have some closer look at the cars. I don't know why, but Renault brought also the high downforce wings. And here is proper Monza front wing. During that time teams were also practising the pit stops. Sauber mechanics working on Kobayashi's car...
  8. settler

    Which races from the 2010 season would you dump?

    Since there is discussion in the "official" thread I thought it will be interesting to make a poll. Which races you don't like? Which are boring? Which should be replaced with the new ones. It will be more interesting if you can choose up to three races we can lose, but please don't pick more...
  9. settler

    Spied: Pagani C9

  10. settler

    F1 greatest drivers (in drivers opinion)

    Full results:
  11. settler

    Bernie proves he's mad

    I just don't have words to say how big moron he is lately. So Senna's death was good because it helped Bernie get more money. :x
  12. settler

    Lamborghini Estoque Concept Spotted

    Car was spotted in Cologne. So development is in progress. Maybe we'll hear some more news soon. source -
  13. settler

    How Top Gear should end?

    This is Richard's view on the subject: source - And what do you think about it? Should it end at certain point or go forever?
  14. settler

    Race tracks at Google street view

    Yesterday there was update of Google's street view and among new areas they made pictures of two race tracks in California: Laguna Seca Thunderhill Raceway I like the idea, hope there will be more and some from Europe too (maybe Nurburgring).
  15. settler

    GT Polonia 2009

    This year GT Polonia ( has started. This night they are staying in Sopot and tomorrow are going to race track in Poznan. Most of the cars are from Sweden because event is organised by Swedes. Never seen Scuderia before and there was 4 of them. :) hi res (but not shopped) pics...
  16. settler

    Free car manufacturers games

    After BMW some time ago now Ferrari and Volvo made their free game to promote their cars. Here you have all of them and which one is your favourite? BMW M3 Challenge car: M3 track: Nurburgring website:
  17. settler

    Top Gear in UAE

    I can't find this on forum, but if repost then sorry and close this thread. Trio and Stig testing Veyron, SLR 722, LP670-4 and Mcl F1 at 3km of closed road. (movie made from GT-R :) ) eIC9L3TdREI
  18. settler

    BMW Museum

    I was at Audio Engineering Society Convention in Munich so I had to visit BMW museum at that occasion. I also had luck and there was technical tour from convention to BMW Department of Acoustic and Vibrations (part of BMW research and development centre). Sadly BMW doesn't allow to take photos...
  19. settler

    Max Mosley's "world engine" Another "brilliant" idea how to kill motorsports. :? I wonder if Max understands that race of engineers is as important and appealing as race of drivers?
  20. settler

    Formula 1 cars poster

    Some of you remember that jpg with f1 cars. Now I've made a new version. So now list of cars is updated till 2008 and I've corrected some mistakes (if you'll find some please give me an info). Since now I have it in editable version, when I'll find 2009 cars there will be another update The...