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  1. Becka ?

    Clarkson: Jeremy on ThisMorning tomorrow

    Jeremy Clarkson is on the show 'This Morning' tomorrow, along with Jonny Wilkinson and Enya. And as in another thread the Chris Moyles show on radio so it looks like tomorrow is his day to advertise 'Thriller' in time for Christmas. Its on from 11.25 - 12.30 Just letting you all know..
  2. Becka ?

    Hammond: Richard on Paul O'Grady show again..

    Sorry if someone has already done this but i couldonly find the one from last year but it's that time of year again.. Richard will be on the Paul O'Grady show on the 24th Novemer (next Monday) for all you Hammond fans.. After last years bauble happening it MIGHT be worth a watch..:)