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  1. whodunnit

    The show is becoming predictable

    have you forgotten the challenge when rut won in the diesel volks? ended up being him or adam in his diesel truck on the trip from oregon (i think) to california
  2. whodunnit

    Top Gear demotivators

    thats what needs to happen...... a TG vs FG battle
  3. whodunnit

    Top Gear demotivators

    juke looks a lot like a rehashed toyota RSC
  4. whodunnit

    How's the withdrawal goin?

    im having shivers and shakes every time i hear someone mentioning how much powerrrrrr something has
  5. whodunnit

    Top Gear Videogame? o.O (Yet another rumor)

    :hamster: :james: :jeremy: ALL say :dancinglock:
  6. whodunnit

    Top Gear moments that made you laugh?

    when james was in teh supermarine spitfire in his toy stories program and he said " Red section, tallyho!" "taka taka taka taka taka" hehe machine gun james has a crisis
  7. whodunnit

    "Oh cock!" in <insert language here>

    in bahamian dialect ( the bahamas) vell muddasik
  8. whodunnit

    What about an Italian special with the Mille Miglia?

    mille miglia in a hopped up fiat 600 with turbo for powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr or a lancia delta integrale, each
  9. whodunnit

    Hammond: What make of waxed jacket was Richard Hammond wearing in Bolivia

    its a johnny mc hand me down 4grand if u get one from me, comes from my closet though
  10. whodunnit

    The who have Top Gear insulted this week thread

    congrats to them for not mentioning "the accident" in the caption next to richards name
  11. whodunnit

    Daccia Sandero

    i think it was to finally shut up the complainers who kept saying that they didnt mention enough affordable cars
  12. whodunnit

    Clarkson's love for the Marina

    no, i think that just like the hair, the hatred started in the womb
  13. whodunnit

    Top Gear coming to Qu?bec (Canada's french province)

    i lived in ottawa for 5 years and just moved back hoem to the bahamas some of the french are really touchy, very few seem to actually want to integrate with anglophones i was in montreal for the f1gp last year, all the rentacops at the track were retarded when it came to asking them for help in...
  14. whodunnit

    the stig money box?

    and that even though its wet, those pennies are still used for tyres
  15. whodunnit

    Stig sloppy v12 vantage lap

    shifting up so near a corner would have been pointless as any extra speed gained would have been nullified during his too-hot approach in. staying on the limiter keeps speed up and allows you to have a better rythm during the first bit of the hammerhead, where rythm is crucial. also mayhaps...
  16. whodunnit

    Richard Hammond in four-car pile-up in his ?110k supercar

    its not spare parts for a car like this, its back to the coachworks for the makers to rebuild the bits. thats why its gonan be so expensive to repair. and a jag front on a morgan? ithink not. maybe graft a caterhams lamps into some bent steel btu a proper car front on a morgan would never work
  17. whodunnit

    Jezza on a jet ski

    lol he needs sommat with moar POWWWWWWWWWA versus those crappy rent-a-runner's ( trust me i know how crappy they are, i live in the bahamas!)
  18. whodunnit

    James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

    man this is getting me a.l excited. thats all stuff i was into back in the day, and i stil.l build airfix models to this day.