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  1. Lurch0001

    VTR250 - Two thimble-sized cylinders of fun

    So I finally bit the bullet and joined the ranks of those who believe in The Way of Two Wheels. Brand new 2010 Honda VTR250. Currently has around 200kms on it and I've had it for about 3 weeks. Yes, it's my first bike and yes, it's only a 250 (local regulations means a limit of 250cc or...
  2. Lurch0001

    Dude! You broke my car!

    Just got this from a friend in Perth. Can't vouch for the veracity of the story but the pics tell the story pretty well.
  3. Lurch0001

    Channel Ten's F1 coverage

    So this weekend's F1 in China is finally in a time zone that would allow it to be shown live at a reasonable time of the day in Australia, so what do Channel Ten do? Delay it by more than 5 HOURS. Thanks, you utter bunch of pricks. :censored: Anyone else here pissed off by these tossers?