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  1. Yakuza_stinger

    Fifth Gear 2013

    There is still some room for improvement even in fifth gear. They are better at testing cars than any other Top Gear show, but I think they should be more detailed in doing so. Something like old Top Gear from late 80-es and early 90-es.
  2. Yakuza_stinger

    [04x06] October 29th, 2013

    Adam's laugh - priceless :D and there Jeep goes, hahaha
  3. Yakuza_stinger

    [23x07] October 28th, 2013

    Team Test score for Citroen DS3 is too high IMO. Boot is almost useless and the car isn't real convertible since it just have long retractable roof. Electric Defender is pointless (less torque and has only 60 miles range). It's always nice to see well preserved Aston Martin DB though.
  4. Yakuza_stinger

    Your perfect two car garage

    As a daily drives and sometimes hiting the bend As for weekends:
  5. Yakuza_stinger

    Guests you'd like to see in Series 21

    True that. Guy Ritchie was already driving RPC, so it's time for his favorite actor to show up :)
  6. Yakuza_stinger

    [04x05] October 22nd, 2013

    Bikes, not my cup of tea. Bike vs Atom was alright but pointless.
  7. Yakuza_stinger

    What do you guys think of Top Gear USA currently?

    I'm watching TGUS regularly immediately when it's available on trackers and, sure, I noticed significant amount of improvement from previous seasons but those 3 presenters have lousy jokes and there is no spontaneous chemistry between then like TGUK presenters have. Rutlege is most of the time...
  8. Yakuza_stinger


    I've used this site for several years as an information when is Top Gear (UK and US too) and Fifth gear coming and I like it very much but only today I realized that this site actually has forum (stupid me :D) and a big one with a lot of users who share the similar passion so I decided to join...