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  1. Alufelge

    Fifth Gear is coming back!

    1) Old season 24 filenames are written here even though it's Season 25 (!) that has aired recently 2) back then when I was downloading the SD-rips of TopGear I was wondering why the people who recorded + transcoded the shows aren't able to spread it in the original resolution like it aired. Now...
  2. Alufelge

    [22x08] April 1st, 2013

    I really would like to know what the editors used as background Track from 9m10s and 37m55s on both Pininfarina segments. Maybe it's something from Eric Clapton?? -because VBH mentioned him in the first part. What a beautiful music :)
  3. Alufelge

    [22x02] February 18th, 2013

    The Pagani bit saved it. The Bowler bit was (IMHO) a better-late-than-never copy of Richard Hammonds Bowler ride back in the days ('I am a driving God'). Since the 300C isn't a entirely american-built car I mostly agree with them. If that's true what Johnny told us with the Rolls, I'm gonna...
  4. Alufelge

    [03x10] February 19th, 2013

    The car is quite easy to drive, the Test Track in Ehra-Lessien is not really demanding for a driver (you just need to know the corner entering speed and both hands on the steering plz). In the Veyron top speed test, James May was wearing a Helmet and that classified him as a Race driver :-P
  5. Alufelge

    [19x01] January 27th, 2013

    IMHO because the Huayra is just a boring and somewhat ugly car. All the Zondas were loud, fast and had some sort of Diva-ish behavior. The new Huayra isn't loud and it doesn't kill you as fast as a Zonda would do. It really is very fast but the front is ugly, the side is ugly and I have the...
  6. Alufelge

    [03x07] Jaunary 29th, 2013

    +1 I liked the idea of the 'donkey-powered Bus'. The background music was nice IMO and the Race to the Casino was quite funny. But for the rest I agree, this isn't real TG style anymore.
  7. Alufelge

    [50 Years of Bond Cars Special] 18x08 October 29th, 2012

    I gave it a 9 I liked the 'behind-the-scenes' talk -interesting stuff to hear and learn how things have been done back in the days at the set. I didn't like the BMW Z3 + Z8 back then and so do I nowadays. But they are part of the Bond History so I have to accept them being mentioned in this...
  8. Alufelge

    Fifth Gear is ruined

    I have to disagree at this point. Putting Mister Love and Tom Ford together talking & introducing various Bits of the Show wasn't bad at all. IMHO, the real big damage was the ACE Cafe because it looked like they couldn't afford a Studio. Then the Show evolved with the Car Park plus Studio...
  9. Alufelge

    Danke f?r die Rep! Ja ich hoffe, das die Anleitung einigen weiter hilft.

    Danke f?r die Rep! Ja ich hoffe, das die Anleitung einigen weiter hilft.
  10. Alufelge

    [HowTo] Burn a 720p TopGear MKV on a DVD

    This is the important part :cool: I am using an old machine for some overnight jobs like this. Since I'm always busy on the Notebook I have to share with my wife this is my way to offload some work from it. ---------- When it comes to visual quality there isn't any improvement by converting...
  11. Alufelge

    [HowTo] Burn a 720p TopGear MKV on a DVD

    Of course there will be many ways to do this. I will now show you an easy one with two freeware programs. What you need= a fast CPU (this is oldschool Encoding, your Videocard won't be used) some Gigabytes free space on your HDD basic IT Knowledge an Episode of Top Gear (I used the South...
  12. Alufelge

    How to burn MKV file onto DVD?

    Yes, you are both right. A standard DVD has 720x576 in 16:9 which means by playing it the video would be streched in an anamorphic way. Native 1024x576 would be square pixels and this wouldn't be playable in a normal DVD-Player...
  13. Alufelge

    How to burn MKV file onto DVD?

    No it won't be the same. The SD comes in 640x360 and at least SD-TV Broadcast over Astra (I can only speak for the germans) comes in PAL 16:9 which is in Pixel 1024x576. The same as a DVD. Since there are more People with a DVD-Player out there than those equipped with Blu-Ray (especially those...
  14. Alufelge

    How to burn MKV file onto DVD?

    There are many ways to get the MKV on a DVD. Most of them are really difficult to manage, I list two of the easier ones here= a) Buy the Solid MKV to DVD Converter -this handy tool is a stand-alone Solution for all steps necessary. From reading the MKV file over authoring a DVD-Structure to...
  15. Alufelge

    [14x02] November 22nd, 2009

    Their E-Car. Now in the german AUTO BILD.
  16. Alufelge

    Most distracting audience member

    TG 14x02 News -the Woman who stood left behind Clarkson SIARPC -the Girl right behind Guest Shane I would move to Britain for those two.:)
  17. Alufelge

    [14x01] November 15th, 2009

    I gave this Episode 9/10. I love to see TG in HD now -finally! This one is for Richard Hammond= It has been already presented by TG Australia in an early Episode as the Porsche DKG. Volkswagen calls it DSG BTW. The Romanian Adventure was the best part. This was almost a deja-vu, graet...
  18. Alufelge

    [13x02] June 28th, 2009

    I love the fact the McLaren F1 was in the lead until ~250km/h. Doesn't the Bugatti have a Launch Control or did Richard accidentally miss it? I know the Bugatti weighs way more and by the time to get the Veyron masses into motion, the F1 can grab the lead. But for this far?
  19. Alufelge

    Bugatti Veyron in Scottsdale - driving around!

    on which he reached (after a few runs) AFAIR 351km/h....
  20. Alufelge

    Hammond and May spotted in Italy

    Similar to the Aston Martin front Grill. :cool: