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  1. Lurch0001

    Gun politics thread

    Do we do away with speed limits because people still speed? Do we do away with rape laws because people still commit rape? A need for effective crime prevention is not invalidated by the argument that criminals break laws.
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    Gun politics thread

    As Narf pointed out, those guns were all legally purchased. So while the gun ban reduced the number of firearms in public hands, it did not go far enough. In the decade prior to the gun ban, there were 11 mass shootings, compared to 3 in the 20 years since (admittedly my previous claim of none...
  3. Lurch0001

    Gun politics thread

    Australia's gun ban was prompted not by general gun crime but by the Port Arthur massacre. Since the introduction of Australia's firearms ban in 1995, there has been no mass shooting in the country - so in that respect the ban has been a success. Of course Australia still sees gun crime. As...
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    Not sure what's worse, the stupid riding or that god-awful music. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits.
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    Gun politics thread

    Same article states that among gun assaults where the victim had at least some chance to resist, this adjusted odds ratio increased to 5.45. Which shows that your "I carry a gun for protection" argument is not only flawed, but the reality is the opposite of your perception. So lets remove...
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    Gun politics thread

    Statistically individuals in possession of a gun were 4.46 times more likely to be shot in an assault than those not in possession. So if you want to protect yourself, don't carry a gun.
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    Gun politics thread

    Lack of personal safety is a consequence of ineffective policing and breakdown of society, not insufficient guns. You should not need a gun to feel safe.
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    Gun politics thread

    None of which takes into account cultural differences between countries. From the article I posted: High-Gun States Low-Gun States Population 39 million 40 million Household Gun Ownership...
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    Gun politics thread

    Guns don't cause suicides. They make it easier for people to commit suicide rather than seeking help. And saying that people will just find other means for suicide is not correct - check the statistics. Japan has a different cultural attitude towards suicide. Suicide prevention is not about...
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    Gun politics thread

    Of course they do. That doesn't make it the right decision, nor does it diminish the impact on those left behind.
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    Gun politics thread

    Firearm Access is a Risk Factor for Suicide
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    Ownership Verified: the Shentars' First motorcycle - Ninja 500R

    Congrats, nice bike. I'd take Spectre's advice on those frame sliders. There's no guarantees that you'll drop it, but if you do those plastics will be a bugger to replace.
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    911 porn

    More Singer goodness
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    Aussie's response to buying a lemon

    We do have laws protection laws, but there's a gaping hole: they really only have teeth when there is a "major failure", the definition of which is somewhat subjective, so in most cases (like this) the consumer ends up arguing with the manufacturer about whether the failure is "major" or "minor".
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    The "I got something in my eye" thread

    OK, so it's an ad...
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    The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread

    Second stolen Ferrari found ablaze in Melbourne. Arseholes.
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    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    I didn't say *identical* twins :P
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    The Australian music appreciation thread!

    How did I miss this thread?
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    Range Rover Evoque CONVERTIBLE!

    ^^ Not really a people-mover, nor a ute. But still butt-ugly and pointless.