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  1. GM_IV

    Ownership Verified: My first new car, a Toyobaru.

    With my Cressida sold and my Impreza always being intended as a temporary car, the time was right for a brand new car. Luckily the Impreza was so inexpensive to run despite the AWD and the expensive Subaru parts, in 3 years the only thing that's ever gone wrong was the catalytic converter. Now...
  2. GM_IV

    I finally own a car that isn't older than me, 2004 Subaru Impreza RS

    Well if you've seen my Cressida thread, that is my first car and it has served me for 8 years even though it was semi-retired before. Unfortunately pretty much shortly after its 25th birthday and nearing the 300,000 km mark it decided it didn't want to do a daily drive run anymore. My 5M-GE...
  3. GM_IV

    My 1986 Toyota Cressida

    I posted pictures of my car I believe when I first joined this forum. Its somewhere in the "post your car" thread. I didn't want to make a new thread unless I have new pictures worth making a new thread. My car is a 3rd generation Cressida, its still first hand since my dad did not let go of the...
  4. GM_IV

    Corolla on top of Civic

    Never thought I'd see the rivalry between the two produce something like this...
  5. GM_IV

    Spy video: 2009 Lexus LF-A From the look of things it appears they're going in the right direction.