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    What episode mentioned long wheelbase luxobarges?

    The presenters talked about a Jag that had an option for extra rear legroom. Then one of them made a crack about Hammond. When was that?
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    Blu-ray MIA

    Was season 1 ever released on Blu-ray? I can only find the DVD for sale.
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    What's your most expensive car?

    What's the most expensive car you've bought, as a percentage of your income? Why yes I am looking to buy a car and the good ones are damned pricey. If I don't save a dime for retirement or groceries or emergencies then I can afford a 911. :cry:
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    Has Top Gear hurt your feelings?

    Have any of the presenters said anything bad about a car you hold dear? I know I rather liked the Chrysler 300 until Clarkson trashed it. Series 5 Episode 1: "This car has some serious problems. The brakes are lousy, there isn't enough torque, it doesn't sound right, the steering's...