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  1. LiveToWin

    Ownership Verified: Japanese Muscle: 2012 Lexus IS F

    A couple years ago, I moved much closer to work and my commute went from ~100 miles round trip to about 3 miles round trip. The Elantra made some sense when fuel economy mattered, but now that I drive so little, the lack of fun in the driving experience has really been bugging me. There have...
  2. LiveToWin

    Ownership Verified: 2014 Hyundai Elantra *Sport*

    It was time to replace the Subaru, and while I was planning to sacrifice practicality for fun... That didn't really happen. I test drove the BRZ, Fiesta ST, and the Genesis Coupe (that thing was terrible), and while I was at the dealer, I tried out the Elantra Sport, mostly to dismiss it. The...
  3. LiveToWin

    No 56k: Barrett-Jackson Car Auction: Scottsdale January 2014

    As you will soon notice, I'm no photographer. With that said, here are some random pictures from the BJ Auction in Scottsdale. This was my first time at one of these auctions and it was quite interesting. It got to the point where cars that I would normally care about if I saw in a parking lot...
  4. LiveToWin

    Ownership Verified: New car. Now, wiith Added Granola!(1997 Subaru Legacy Outback)

    So, I went out and bought a new car. A blue (almost purple) Subaru Outback. Nearly everything on the car has been rebuilt or replaced (with paperwork) in the last 150 miles. Rebuilt engine. New tranny, new drive shaft, new axles, rebuilt wheel bearings, new struts... the list goes on. It...