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  1. maateuszz89

    Countries you have visited

    I came across this site some time ago and I think it's good for the off topic discussion :) Let's see who is the best traveller here. Click the link and make a map of countries you've visited, then put it here. I'll start with my world. Bad...
  2. maateuszz89

    Shutdown Day

    Can you survive without your computer? That's pretty pointless, all that fuss to save some energy. I survive without computer only when I really have to. Damn it, I'm addicted to the Internet.
  3. maateuszz89

    Build your own Tata Nano

    Source I found that interesting, you can build your own 'luxury' Tata Nano :lol: TATA NANO CUSTOMIZER Show us your result if you want, I'll post my later on, I have to compose something nice. Edit: That's fast!
  4. maateuszz89

    Geneva Preview: Lotus Exige 270E Tri-fuel

    Full article 0-60 comes in at 3.88 seconds :drool: These stripes look just gorgeous!
  5. maateuszz89

    Porsche 911 Turbo - Spyshots of 2009 facelift

    Yeah, I know what you guys are going to say, but it looks beautiful. There is no need to change anything in this car. And it has new lights at the rear!
  6. maateuszz89

    2009 BMW 7-series

    Found this today: I think it is far better looking than current 7-series. I hope they'll improve the grill in production version.
  7. maateuszz89

    Where is Top Gear Dog?

    Why Top Gear Dog didn't appear in last episode? :D Any ideas?