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  1. Cellos88GT

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I noticed that too. I thought it was some cheap-y Chinese slip-on but once I looked it up I noticed that it's quite a nice piece.
  2. Cellos88GT

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    Oh no worries I have those, I removed them to access the R/R to diagnose it.
  3. Cellos88GT

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    Thanks! It's somewhat stock only has Heli Riser clip-ons and a Micron slip-on. 28k miles. I know what you mean, I found this really nice one locally that has all the right farkles: I don't need 3 VFRs...
  4. Cellos88GT

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    I bought another yellow 2000 VFR lol This one belonged to a friend of mine that had the usual Stator/RR issues, he had a friend try to fix it but he ended making it worse. They both decided to throw in the towel so I was able to scoop it up for a song. Plan is to flip it.
  5. Cellos88GT

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    I agree that it is early days. I was mainly going by the stability we saw in the number of new cases over the past 5 or so days. It seems to hover around ~5500 new cases/day.
  6. Cellos88GT

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    I agree with most of your analysis but what is your take on the number of newly reported cases? It seems that we're finally seeing the effects of the quarantine there as the number of new cases has started to stabilize and in the case of Lombardy, decline.
  7. Cellos88GT

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Elon Cuck is being forced to shut down his factory by the county Sherriff.
  8. Cellos88GT

    Game: My Summer Car

    I'm late to the party, but so far I'm having a good time with it.
  9. Cellos88GT

    Need a desk chair!

    I have this one: my wife and I like it a lot. Very supportive and well made.
  10. Cellos88GT

    Jalopnik has gone down the toilet ver. 3.0

    I think its funny that GM is still pissed at them so they had to copy-pasta the C8 reviews from other sites. Though, I guess that isn't too out of the ordinary for them since 90% of their content is copy-pasta. Their original review content is largely still bad.
  11. Cellos88GT

    Sacramento County Says It's Illegal to Work on Your Own Car in Your Own Garage

    So are republicans that don't want you to get abortions and claim that your egg and semen cocktail belongs to them also communist?
  12. Cellos88GT

    [27x01] Jun 16, 2019

    I like the accents. The Pista v. McLaren review went about as I expected. British guy picks British car, duh. At least the other two presenters called him out on it when it was in fact notably slower.
  13. Cellos88GT

    Ownership Verified: Katwalk's 2017 Abarth Fiat 500c

    I think the 500c Abarth is an excellent choice. These cars get a lot of flack that I, more often than not, find unfounded. The 1.4T is a fine little engine, they just don't like crappy oil or negligent owners that forget to change their oil. My wife and I thought about getting one as a commuter...
  14. Cellos88GT

    2020 McLaren GT

    I think it is pretty elegant design. The side intakes are large but I think the right color/trim spec could probably make them less noticeable. I'm curious how they'll keep your stored items from cooking...
  15. Cellos88GT

    The 'I don't like Tesla' Thread

    Autopilot was active when a Tesla crashed into a truck, killing driver :unsure:
  16. Cellos88GT

    Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows

    Sure, but we throw away a lot of energy. One could easily have a Nuclear plant generate hydrogen at off peak hours since Nuclear reactors don't have the response time to adjust their power output keep up with market demands. For renewables, it is often the case that a wind or solar farm might...
  17. Cellos88GT

    Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows

    Not really. The reality is that our gov't has no interest in investing the infrastructure to update our grid to support millions of BEV vehicles charging at the same time. Moreover, our current resource allocation for lithium batteries is already proving to not scale terribly well with current...
  18. Cellos88GT

    2019 F1 Season thread

    Well, it already feels like the season is over before it has even started... Ferrari being 7 tenths off the pace is not good. Formula 1.5 looks like it will be fun though.
  19. Cellos88GT

    Ownership Verified: I bought a more or less practical car - 2017 Ford Fiesta ST

    They all did 1" which according to them still keeps the throttle recessed a bit. 1.5" makes the pedal level with the others. If you have access to a 3D printer, I guess you could print a couple sizes and see which you prefer.
  20. Cellos88GT

    Ownership Verified: I bought a more or less practical car - 2017 Ford Fiesta ST

    My Fiesta ST friend has 3D printed a throttle pedal spacer for himself and our two friends with a FoST and FoRS. They all like them much better.