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  1. Icedvovo

    Ben Collin's book - The Man in The White Suit

    Not sure if this is in the right area for this thread, but here we go... Just read Ben Collin's book - The Man in The White Suit. I absolutely loved it. Got for Christmas and I read it in just in just over a day. I found it a very easy read and surprisingly a very entertaining read...
  2. Icedvovo

    [03x00] September 28th, 2010 [Ashes Special]

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but has anyone started a thread on this episode yet? MOD EDIT:
  3. Icedvovo

    New Ch9 TopGear Australia making enemies already.

    The article says it all really. I'd be pissed off too if I were a tourist. Spolier Alert!
  4. Icedvovo

    TGA back on SBS2

    Top Gear Australia is apparently on SBS2 tonight (Sat) at 8:30pm. Curiouser and curiouser. "Self confessed motoring nut Vince Colosimo joins hosts Charlie Cox, Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati. Tonight the boys try out the new LP560 Lamborghini Gallardo super sportscar, while Charlie test drives...
  5. Icedvovo

    Happy 50th Birthday Jezza!

    As someone who is also turning 50 this year I say this... Happy Birthday 2U! Happy Birthday 2U! Happy 50th Birthday dear Jezza! Happy Birthday 2U! Regards Icedvovo. (If someone has already created this thread feel free to nuke it.)
  6. Icedvovo

    What is it about Marinas and Pianos?

    There seems to be an unnatural attraction between Morris Marinas and pianos that extends beyond TopGear. And I think maybe TG just reveled it rather than created it. At this year's Bay to Birdwood Classic in Adelaide amongst the 1800 cars there was a garden variety, albeit tidy baby-poo...
  7. Icedvovo

    TopGear Magazine AU do the Eco Challenge on a Postie Bike!

    I was looking up the Telsa entry in the Darwin to Adelaide Eco Challenge today and who should bob up in the list of entries but TopGear - with a Honda CT110 Postie Bike - alcohol fuelled no less!! A Fuelie Postie!! Wicked. Here's the link, scroll down to the entry...
  8. Icedvovo

    Is SBS about to test the power of Torrents?

    I have a theory. SBS is the Australian broadcaster that brings us convicts TopGear and more recently, mucked in with TopGear Australia. Normally they broadcast TopGear UK episodes a full season behind, which is understandable, and leads hard-core fans to download and watch the current UK...
  9. Icedvovo

    Kenny's World now on DVD - Where's TGA?

    Kenny's World - a show about a man who visits the toilets of the world - is now available on DVD from Australian retail outlets. The series aired at roughly the same time as TGA, so should we be expecting to see TGA on DVD any time soon? Has anyone seen TGA Series One on DVD in stores or in a...