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  1. Cellos88GT

    2018 Belgian GP meet?

    I meant to post one of these a while back but if anyone is going to the Belgian GP, give a holler. I'm heading out those ways for a conference on the 22nd and decided to get some tickets for the race on Sunday.
  2. Cellos88GT

    The 'I don't like Tesla' Thread

    Looks like German Green Party member Johannes Remmel doesn't like it either: :lol:
  3. Cellos88GT

    Ownership Verified: 2004 Lesbaru Legacy Outback

    Well, it's not the most exciting car I've owned but I needed a comfortable DD and my '99 Regular-Cabbed Mazda B2500 wasn't cutting it anymore (I never bothered to post the car here because who cares) in the comfort department. I had been searching for a few months for an '05+ Legacy GT Wagon /...
  4. Cellos88GT

    Jalopnik has gone down the toilet ver. 3.0

    Looks like they've completely embraced the Gawker model with informative articles, such as: Jalopnik: Italian engineering versus Swedish engineering - An article that tries to weigh the differences between Swedish and Italian engineering with a Fiat 600 crashing into a Volvo XC70. The Maserati...
  5. Cellos88GT

    Viper ACR > 918 @ Laguna Seca

  6. Cellos88GT

    Ownership Verified: Cellos88GT's 1998 Honda VFR

    Well after much searching and indecision on which bike I wanted to replace my GS500F, I quickly settled on this beautiful 1998 Honda VFR. She has 23,XXX miles, a Corbin seat, Zero Gravity windscreen, and some pretty fresh tires on the front and rear. Initial impressions: This bike is 10,000x...
  7. Cellos88GT

    2014 Chinese Grand Prix - Shanghai

    With 11 hrs 'til P1 so... I really don't expect to see anything exciting/new here. The MBZ runners will be up top since this track is all about speed and power.
  8. Cellos88GT

    The Official "Complain about the 2014 regulations" thread.

    Upon the Dr.'s suggestions, I decided that we should have a thread to complain about the sound, the engines, the "green" delusion, and the reduction in excitement created by the 2014 regs. I want to start the thread by including this article: Even Newey thinks the regs are bullshit.
  9. Cellos88GT

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    because honestly this lackluster season is over and I don't think anyone here cares about it anymore...
  10. Cellos88GT

    Germans and my other European friends: SIM card purchasing question.

    So tomorrow my girlfriend and I leave for Europe, we'll be going to Sardinia for two weeks to meet up with my family and then we'll be spending another week or so in Croatia. Now, I've just unlocked my iPhone 4S for international use with a Verizon rep over the phone as I plan to buy a SIM card...
  11. Cellos88GT

    Ferrari to return to Le Mans?

    src: I am ecstatic at the prospect of this! :w00t:
  12. Cellos88GT

    Jalopnik: 2014 Jeep Cherokee: This Is It (God help us all)

    WARNING: The following images may cause sever nausea, vomiting, fever, and/or explosive diarrhea. The images may also cause an inexplicable need to gouge your eyes out, it is recommended that before viewing the following images, remove all sharp tools and implements from easy access. . . . . ...
  13. Cellos88GT

    US Gov't bumps CAFE standard to 54.5 MPG for 2025.

    Is this the end of enthusiast cars as we know it? src...
  14. Cellos88GT

    Paris Hilton's DJ debut, hilarity ensues.

    I have not laughed this hard in a long time. I can't wait 'til she falls off the face of the Earth.
  15. Cellos88GT

    I really hate people like this.

    Really? Have you thought about the amount of pollution that was made to build the batteries in your pee-ous? absolutely ridiculous...
  16. Cellos88GT

    Best wheel mount solution? Desk or cockpit?

    Ok so I just bought myself a fanatec wheel but at the moment I have no where to properly mount it. To items I've been looking into are the Playseats Evolution and the "o b u t t o" the obutto is the more attractive of the the two but it has a few downsides: a) It's currently out of stock and...
  17. Cellos88GT

    Which card should I get?

    This: or This: or other? I'm leaning towards 6850 due to price and I've heard that its slightly faster. Although I've used the 460 before and I liked it very much...
  18. Cellos88GT

    Racing Sportsmanship

    Those two should be ashamed of themselves. If I was the team owner of the Aston, that guy would be fired in a heartbeat.
  19. Cellos88GT

    No 56k: Heavy Machinery Thread

    Tractors, Excavators, Loaders, Combines, Cranes, you name it in here. Post up your favorites! I'm partial to these.... :D
  20. Cellos88GT

    Prime95 Temps?

    So last night I ran Prime95 to see how my cooling faired: On my AMD PHNMII X4 965 with 120mm Gelid Tranquilo tower cooler and Arctic Silver Thermal Paste, my temps didn't go above 41*C. what kind of temps are you guys seeing?