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    Classic Racers form series 10 preview overlooked

    Did anyone noticed that the film with the Jaguar mk2 racer we saw in the series preview was overlooked? What happened? :(
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    Jeremy Clarkson Times Online Column and Driving lost artilces

    Hi there, dear FinalGear members. :) I noticed that after a facelifted the times online website was introduced many of the old Jeremy's Column articles were deleted from the site. Now I can't find them anywhere. :( Do they still exist somewhere on this forum or maybe other place in the...
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    Auto Mobil International Leipzig 2007

    request deletion
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    Aston Martin Calendar 2007

    I've just made an Aston Martin Calendar for 2007. I'll post here another pages every month. :) January: February: March 2007: April 2007: May 2007:
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    Top Gear Magazine - Aston czy Ferrari? TG set a new duel, let's see who's coolest. :cool:
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    The Upcoming Series 9

    So it will start in 8'th October 2006, strange to me that a precise date of upcoming season is known already, any facts about what will apear in the autumn? Sory if doublepost, but if not please stick it. 8) mod edit (SL65) : thread title
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    Strange Lamp Posts

    Did someone recently noticed big lamp posts on TG track? Why they are mounting lamp posts on the airfield? :?
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    Confuzing 425 MB

    How an extra 75 MB can up the quality by only 1%? Can someone explain how on earth this could be? :? :? I'm sure that XviD codec with an extra 75 MB will give much more than a one bloody percent increase in video quality.
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    JC on Jag Newsletter

    I've just recieved this, is it true or is it a pile of garbage? And if it is true, have we got some scans of that from TG mag? 8)
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    Series 8

    So, is there any info about next series? 8)
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    Recapturing old ep's of Top Gear

    This thought still sits in my mind. OK, TG is finished, until may 2006, so in the meantime can VUK recapture some old top gear episodes, because as far as I can work out there are no good avi rips of the early series (1-3), and the quality of series 4-5 rips isn't brilliant either. My point is...
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    Red light in Pagani

    What's about this red light inside the cabin of hamond's zonda?, when he was exiting the parking lot and his clutch was smoking.
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    James's pilot license

    I've never would have thouth that James got a pilot license. :shock:
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    TG 26.06.2005

    I've downloaded this episode by the torrent and there is lots of crashes on the picture and on the end of film video is like in slomo but the audio is ok, did someone know whats going on? :(
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    I just want to update today's news. New TG is now available on the, i've just uploaded the torrent, so all is ok. ;)
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    Will this week's TG episode be available do download in the ordynary way, or something changed without my knowledge? :|
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    DivX 6

    The DivX 6 was released, maybe VUK should test it and if it'll be good encode TG nad FG in it...