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  1. ~Smoke~

    NCATS Komatsu 300 at Riverside International Speedway

    This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend my 2nd ever Nascar Canadian Tire Series race at Riverside Speedway just outside of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The big thing about this weekend however wasn't that I was just going to the race but that I would finally be meeting one of my long time sim...
  2. ~Smoke~

    My First Car

    After having tried to save money for my own car for quite some time my parents came home last week and handed me the keys to my very first car, a 1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500. It came pretty much out of the blue since I had figured I would have to pay for my own car. Needless to say its now one...
  3. ~Smoke~

    Left Turn Paint Schemes

    I've sort of neglected posting these for a while as it seems Nascar is taboo around here but I figured someone would like them. These are all done for a Computer Sim racing game I play called Nascar Racing 2003 season. When it comes to the work all the schemes themselves are done by me. The car...