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    Random Thoughts....

    I was thinking about this place and I remembered that I wrote some racist and homophobic things and had some pretty awful views when I was teenager (despite ironically being a minority, and gay). I made fun of an entire culture and accent on multiple occasions. Obviously, that was absolutely...
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    PaperBiro makes square-cropped art through the incredible power of caffeine

    Glad I decided to pop back on to visit when I did. These are great! Have you considered Art/Design School?
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    Random Thoughts....

    I was Googling something when I came across a post I made when I first joined this site over seven years ago. Somebody called me stupid and useless, which made me mad at the time but was really right on the money. I also tried to use big words to make myself sound smart.
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    Semi Speculative F30 BMW M3 Rendering (WIP)

    Thanks, If you look a bit closer, I have added a power bulge to the bonnet. It is quite subtle but I like it that way. It's funny how M-fying this car has basically become an exercise in slapping on parts from the BMW parts bin.
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    Semi Speculative F30 BMW M3 Rendering (WIP)

    I had some spare time so I tried my hand at Photoshopping cars again. Since it's all but confirmed that this is what the next M3 would look like. I thought I'd quickly whip something up to visualise it. Issues I am aware of: - Low resolution mods - Artefacts on the sides of the wheels -...
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    Wacky Races: The Road Warriors (Postponed due to empty grid)

    I'm going to have to call it quits this year guys, too much IRL stuff to deal with. I might jump in closer to the date.
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    Random Thoughts....

    Yeah, don't count yourself out so soon. Out of the tens of thousands of individuals chosen, you got an interview at Cambridge, and that's no small feat.
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    Unveiled: 2013 BMW 4 Series Coup?

    The interior can be changed. Let's be honest, very few people are going to to want that particular shade of alcantara. Just change it to black and you're all set.
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    Random Thoughts....

    So...I graduate high school tomorrow.
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    The "Happy Birthday!" Thread

    Happy birthday Paperbiro and damnhawk!
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    Random Thoughts....

    I've thought about starting with the design course and then going back to study law, but I don't want to waste 3 or 4 years doing a design degree and spending 2 years in a job that might not be for me before I go back to do law and spend another 6 or 7 years in university again. I see being a...
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    Random Thoughts....

    Hello everybody, how are you all this evening/afternoon/morning? I hate to come to you guys with a problem like this but I need a little advice. Don't worry, it's not friend or family related this time; thankfully high school will be ending very soon to my relief. Anyhow, I have a dillema...
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    Random Thoughts....

    I really want to defend fashion, but it's hard to justify $845 for a shirt, even if it is Alexander McQueen. You could do a lot of things with $845. By the way, Hello all, how have we all been? I haven't been around much lately due to exams, new friends and what not. This being my senior...
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    Need help finding a song...some vagueness

    I was so sure it was Black :lol:
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    Chevy Cruze Recalled For Engine Fires

    That sounds rudimentary to say the least.
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    Random Thoughts....

    Interesting point, but I think there needs to be a clearer definition of where to start. If like Captain70s said, students are misled into believing their degrees will automatically place them into good jobs while employers want applicants with experience, it's going to be very difficult for...
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    Random Thoughts....

    By not having a clue about how a job works, do you mean that they simply expect to sit there and get paid? Similarly, it's interesting how many entry level jobs list two years minimum experience as a requirement. You need a job to get experience in the field but you need relevant experience in...
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    Random Thoughts....

    I read this column about entitled kids wanting publishing internships without any previous work experience stacking the shelves or waiting tables. In the article, the writer said that he took particular notice of the letters which said that 'little Johnny would 'gingerly roll up their sleeves...
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    Where In The World Is..? you mention it, how long has Polly been gone?