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  1. Hazardous

    Recommendations for laptop trip games needed

    As the thread title says I'm looking for something to play on train / bus trips etc. on my laptop. It's a reasonably modern computer but with low-end hardware so it ain't gonna work with anything that demands a proper gaming machine. I also don't have a mouse which hurts. I have a PS2 style...
  2. Hazardous

    Champcar: Da Matta critically injured at Road America

    Sounds like quite horrific accident. From another source I read that the impact tore the car's roll hoop clean off. The critical moments are past, now we'll just wait and hope for the best...
  3. Hazardous

    Aston Martin... In a rally!

    Here's something one doesn't see every day. In the entry list for this weekend's Rallye Lyon-Charbonni?res, number 15: SARRAZIN St?phane / St?phane PREVOT / Aston Martin V8 Vantage !!! Some info behind this one. The car was originally entered by Frederic Dor, who has had it rally-prepared by...