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    i herd u leik mudkipz

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    Ownership Verified: 2012 Fiat 500 - The Mexican Wart

    So has come the day to finally post about this. I bought this in early January on a whim. I was bored one day scrolling local classifieds when I saw a couple of Fiat 500s for less than $5,000. I thought "really, and they're not completely destroyed like Subaru Impreza's?" So I went to look at 3...
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    Your Best Photo in 2020?

    Curious while this year sucked if there was anything you photographed this year that you're proud of? I didn't take much, but this is from back in April, nicest photo other than pictures of my dog. :)
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    (Steam Game) Deep Rock Galactic A new game @loose_unit turned me on to and it is quite addicting for some reason. I've been enjoying this for a couple of weeks now. It's on 30% discount at the moment as well. Basically Mindcraft meets Left 4 Dead. You mine...
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    US Thanksgiving Meals 2020

    Since were most likely celebrating not with family, curious what everyone made on their own. I made a pork Schnitzel w/ lemon and a Finnish ham/Potato casserole.
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    Hertz .... Dead or Alive?

    So, I remember the US arm filing for bankruptcy earlier this year, has there been any news on the next step? restructuring and I assume basically continuing as usual because for reasons huge businesses can't seem to fail?
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    Another! Google Hangouts Meetup 14 days into November

    How does 14 November sound? Working date of course, whatever works for everyone. Later, sooner, makes no difference to me provided it’s not the last Thursday of November.
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    Online Meet Up Perhaps? - Saturday 10 October 18:00 UTC

    I'm jonesing for some google hangouts shit that we did earlier this year, perhaps we shall do another?
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    24hr Nürburgring 2020

    Same as LeMans, would hopefully like to find some fans of this too. It'll be weird not seeing fans as that's about 50% of it for me.
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    24hr LeMans 2020

    Who’s watching? Any fans of perticular teams? I honestly don’t give these racers a thought throughout the year because honestly, I haven’t a clue where to find them in races.
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    Flight Simulator 2020

    Who’s got it? It came out last week, where have you gone, what are your thoughts? I found Viktoria Station over the weekend.
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    Collecting Vintage Computers You Grew Up With

    Something I've thought about lately, now that I've been on my own for close to 5 years now, I've floated the idea of collecting old computers that I fawned after as a teen. Yet I got rid of a bunch of stuff a couple years ago because I deemed it useless and a waste of space. Does anyone here...
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    Urban Exploration and Whatnot

    So, I've been a fan of the youtube channel, The Proper People as they go through old abandoned buildings and properties, sometimes getting caught. I find this sort of thing exciting as a link to the past of what we used to do and find normal such as US Mental Health institutions and coal fired...
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    2021 Ford Bronco trim/color/options decoded

    This is one of the few Fords I’m interested in, it’s interesting to see how many tire options, colors, roofs, and gear ratios there will be. Of course this is speculation due to nothing official from Ford yet, however they’re sharing details on Monday, I feel like this is as close as we will get...
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    Finnish Space Program

    This seems promising...
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    So, vinyl...

    Alright, so I got my record player back up as I left it for months trying to decide if the TechMoan approved scale was worth the sheer minutes of use was worth it. I got it, fixed my counterweight and blindly tried to get anti-skate to something useful, so at this point, I’d say things are as...
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    Brian May of Queen Hospitalized

    A Bohemian Castrophe! That said, I hope he is ok.
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    Police Chase in Smart ForTwo

    Who knew this was possible?
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    Scoob! - A New Scooby Doo Movie from Warner Brothers

    Anyone interested? Who's still a fan of Scooby Doo? I'll definitely rent it when it's available May 15.
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    Car Toys Being Sold Due to Virus

    So, due to this virus thingy causing all sorts of fiscal problems for so many of us, do you think a lot of people who have that summer car or 3rd car will sell to make ends meet? If so, are there any cars that are popping up in your area that you want to possibly snag for the low low price of "I...