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  1. LeMans GTR

    Semi Speculative F30 BMW M3 Rendering (WIP)

    I had some spare time so I tried my hand at Photoshopping cars again. Since it's all but confirmed that this is what the next M3 would look like. I thought I'd quickly whip something up to visualise it. Issues I am aware of: - Low resolution mods - Artefacts on the sides of the wheels -...
  2. LeMans GTR

    Autoblog: BMW product head says M division would like to develop own car

    Discuss I think BMW's long overdue for a new halo car, but they don't seem to want to head down that road.
  3. LeMans GTR

    These Things We Love

    The opposite of the 'Things that annoy me' thread. A thread for posting the little things in life we love whether it's the cold side of a pillow or the sound crumbling pastry makes.
  4. LeMans GTR

    2012 BMW 3 Series

    Take one car, add a variety of different body styles and a bunch of options so you can pick'n'mix. This car looks genericalicious, but I think it looks better than the last generation.
  5. LeMans GTR

    Engineer Sentenced for Stealing Ford Secrets

    Firstly, I think he got off extremely lightly in terms of the fine and secondly, I wonder what the punishment for industrial espionage in China is. Six years in jail and then an probably a rather cushy job back in Beijing. I won't say any more however, things about ethics and China really...
  6. LeMans GTR

    Youtube not working in Chrome or Firefox, fine in IE

    All of a sudden, youtube has decided to stop working on my computer, it works fine on Internet Explorer but looks like this, When I try to play a video in Firefox or Chrome, the audio is fine but there is no video. It will work fine however if the video is embedded like on the Youtube Channel...
  7. LeMans GTR

    New/Used Car Time

    Here's the situation, my parent's car was caught in the floods and thus now we have no car. Our budget is anything up to $20000 AUD. They've instructed me to take a look around on the internet since this car will be handed down to me after they go back to Hong Kong in a couple of years and I...
  8. LeMans GTR

    Sudden Drop in Gaming Performance

    I'm not entirely sure as to what is happening here, these past few days, my computer has not been running games well at all and I have no idea why. As far as I know, nothing has changed. All that is different is that I've switched to using a dynamic IP and I'm using a wireless USB stick to...
  9. LeMans GTR

    New Router Purchase

    Buying a new modem/router since our current one is constantly toppling over and we want to use wireless as well. We were down at an electronics store today and they didn't give us many options and it boiled down to three options - Belkin F5D8235ak4 - Linksys WRT120N - Linksys WRT160N We...
  10. LeMans GTR

    Do you play an instrument?

    Just wanted to know, if so, post what you play and what you've been playing recently. I play the piano, recently picked it up again after a six year hiatus (I only learnt for about a year before I had to leave to Hong Kong and I couldn't be bothered continuing there), anyway, here's what I've...
  11. LeMans GTR

    Ideas for Videogames?

    We've always had these crazy/notsocrazy ideas for video games that will probably never come to fruition, but I think we've all at least thought of a fleshed out plan for a game or have had a 'How come no one has thought of this!' moment. I've always had this idea of a game not unlike Test...
  12. LeMans GTR

    BMW M8: It Survives

    Well we all thought the M8 had been crushed and long gone, turns out it was stashed away and now resides in the BMW museum. Looks like it's been finished as well.
  13. LeMans GTR

    Anyone have an interesting story to tell?

    Well, for an English assignment, I've been tasked with creating a short biography of someone so does anyone have a good story to tell? You can choose to remain anonymous or be named and I'll get you a copy (however crappy it may turn out to be) when it's finished.
  14. LeMans GTR

    BMW rumored to be working on Z8 Successor (Z Spyder Stradale)

    Between this and the Gran Coupe, perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  15. LeMans GTR

    Text Effects Help?

    I want to learn how to make simple text animates like say this, or this Yeah..I don't know why I chose these videos either other than that they're good examples..:lol: I've got Premiere Elements 7 to work with now, but if needs be...
  16. LeMans GTR

    Auto News Cast?

    Is there some sort of video equivalent for Autoblog aside from Fast Lane Daily (Derek D gets on my nerves), I wanna see a quick condensed version of the news in the mornings. While I'm at it, where do you guys get your car news?
  17. LeMans GTR

    Is BMW The New GM? Personally, I think they were right on the money. The only thing I do disagree with is that I would take the new Z4 over the Z3 but other than that. Spot on.
  18. LeMans GTR

    Jaguar XJ220 Abandoned in Qatar

    :( I hope it gets recovered.
  19. LeMans GTR

    Car Interior Lighting

    A recent discussion over in another thread about who had the red glow in interiors first (Audi or BMW or Neither) got me thinking. Why do manufacturers choose different colours for their lights and why? The Germans seem to like red, Aston uses blue, Jaguar uses green, everyone