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    What episode mentioned long wheelbase luxobarges?

    Thanks for that info. Episode 04x05 8m00 in the episode
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    [04x05] June 6th, 2004

    That's Bentley Rhythm Ace - Mind That Gap innit?
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    Looking for a specific TG-episode

    9m30 in the episode
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    What episode mentioned long wheelbase luxobarges?

    The presenters talked about a Jag that had an option for extra rear legroom. Then one of them made a crack about Hammond. When was that?
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    Blu-ray MIA

    Was season 1 ever released on Blu-ray? I can only find the DVD for sale.
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    [01x03] December 5th, 2010

    I agree. They have improved, without question, but it's still very awkward. I think it was most evident at the beginning when they set up the segment. They were clearly looking at each other, pausing, and waiting for their cue. Nevertheless I still like this show.
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    [01x02] November 28th, 2010

    Much better. What I loved most about this episode was the drift challenge. I didn't love it because it was the most entertaining, but because it was the most original. It's similar to Jeremy talking the man around the UK track, yes. But if this segment is similar, the others are carbon copies.
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    How Lexus Makes its Handcrafted Wood-Carved Steering Wheels.

    I'm impressed and interested by this, but I do not want wood wrapped steering wheels. I've never liked wood as a signal of luxury.
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    [15x06] August 1st, 2010

    I've a question about the car tags. What's with those anagrams? LIAR 48R and GOSH 299 and CUNT 131 aren't very clever when you have those extra letters and numbers. Is there a law that car tags in England have to use up seven spaces?
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    Discovery Automotive (tuner) wrecks customers Ford GT

    Lawsuit in 3... 2... 1...
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    They Want Ten Thousand Dollars for This?

    How common is it to sell your car to a pawn shop? I would assume you'd get a crappy deal.
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    Jalopnik: Greatest Racing Series Ever: DUI Telepresence Crown Victoria Figure-Eight Racing!

    Oh lord I was so stoked about this until I re-read it and realized it was just an idea. But I want it to be real!
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    Help pick a car to replace my Grandmother's Corvette.

    I'm sure the GT-R will work for a technophobe.
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    Final Gear Down To Earth Board

    Some categories make no sense: Compact Executive: You're an executive, so why do you want a cramped luxury sedan? Mini MPV: Move lots of people; don't cram them into a clown car. City car / supermini: Oh come on, there aren't any cars in this segment. There are merely enclosed golf carts. :P
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    I Sold Everything To Buy A Lamborghini And Drive Across The Country

    Yeah but the story wouldn't get as many views if it were called I Sold Everything and Still Went Into More Debt Than Most Mortgages, and All I Got Was A Broken Lamborghini.
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    My personal car reviews: Audi A6 3.0 TDI (an update)

    How do speeding laws work in Germany?
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    Jalopnik: Yes, Cars Are Getting Fatter

    I do the same thing. I'll see an A4 and think "You don't see too many A6s around here" before I realize it's an A4.
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    How perceptive a driver/rider are you?

    Signs: 19/20 What is a reverse curve? Situations: 17/20
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    Jalopnik: Yes, Cars Are Getting Fatter

    Apart from the added weight, I like this trend. But then I live in America, where our roads fit cars and not carriages. :P