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  1. hokiethang

    The Home Security System Thread

    So since I recently bought a house, there were a few projects i've been working on since I bought it. One of those projects has been installing a home security system myself. I bought the system from Home Security Store and couldn't be more pleased. Their tech support line has been extremely...
  2. hokiethang

    Visiting Vancouver BC?

    I know we have quite a few Vancouverites (?) here. What is there interesting to do for a weekend trip up there? I'm looking for the not to miss sights and the excellent restaurants. I'm going to be heading up there with a friend tomorrow (I'm visiting Seattle, and we decided we wanted to go...
  3. hokiethang

    Going to Tokyo

    Not sure how many people around here have been to or live in Japan, but i'm heading to Tokyo with a friend Friday morning for 4 days, and i'm not sure how we're going to fill out that time. Any suggestions on tourist things in Tokyo? Looking for cool restaurants, places to see, things to visit...
  4. hokiethang

    DNS Outage

    If you didn't already know, I happen to run the DNS servers for finalgear. I'm in the middle of an upgrade right now of my main DNS server, and well the VPS that I was using for the backup is/was misconfigured, and caused DNS to fail for the site. I've reconfigured the backup one as a master...
  5. hokiethang

    Trip to Australia

    I know we have a lot of native Australians on here, so I figured this is probably one of the better places to ask. A friend and I are thinking about planning a trip to Australia, probably around New Years. I'm initially planning for about a week, because that's about as much time as I can take...
  6. hokiethang

    Children of Men

    I must say that I went into this movie not expecting much. I definitely came out of the theater changed. It is possible that it is the best movie of 2006/2007. I'm disappointed that Universal hasn't advertised the movie at all, and given it very little promotion. The critics like the movie, and...
  7. hokiethang

    Half Life 2: Episode 1

    Released today, and i've just started playing it. It is pretty good so far. The first part is somewhat challenging, but so far i'm liking it.
  8. hokiethang

    Xbox Live Gamertags

    This thread will serve as the repository for people to post their gamertags, if they want to add a few friends from across the world to their xbox live accounts. Figured we could get a head start, since everyone with an xbox360 will have live access. Please leave the xbox flaming outside of this...
  9. hokiethang

    Sad day for Mac Users

    It looks as if Apple has abandoned PowerPC and will be switching to Intel in 2007.. Looks like Hell is quite cold today :cry: (for links look on any mac rumors website, or slashdot)
  10. hokiethang

    MPEG2 Editing

    I recently have gained access to a number of mpeg2 files that need to have commercials removed. Anyone have any suggestions for programs that will let me remove the sections of video I don't want (preferrably for free or low cost (so Adobe Premiere is out))? I have the ability already to turn...