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  1. hokiethang

    Does anyone still have 56k on here? [Speed Test Thread]

    Yes, I pay through the nose for it, but i'd rather pay $100 for 100mbit/10mbit, than $70 for 20/5.
  2. hokiethang

    Touchpad fire sale

    15 - 25$ depending on the amount of effort required.
  3. hokiethang

    Touchpad fire sale

    If you happen across one, i'd happily take it off your hands :-D (that goes for anyone else). I'll pay a reasonable finder's fee + shipping.
  4. hokiethang

    East coast earthquake: who just felt it?

    I was on the 6th floor of an office building in Northern Virginia when it happened. Let's just say its quite unsettling when the floor starts rolling. Also, apparently it's making people drive as if it were a snow storm (as it took almost an hour and a half to get home due to traffic). I'm home...
  5. hokiethang

    R.I.P. Lieutenant47 aka James Stouffer

    Just goes to show how fragile life is, and how it can be gone in an instant. RIP and may his family be comforted by knowing he had such great friends here.
  6. hokiethang

    Why the Fat Guy Needs to Leave TGA so that the Show is Sucessful

    Thread closed. OP was banned for a month. If he comes back, with the same attitude, he's gone permanently.
  7. hokiethang

    Thanks :-D.

    Thanks :-D.
  8. hokiethang

    The Social Network (Movie about facebook)

    also a 97% on rottentomatoes...
  9. hokiethang

    The Social Network (Movie about facebook)

    Yeah, I went to see it this morning, and it's fantastic. Even if it is a work of fiction, it's well written, acted, and the soundtrack is awesome.
  10. hokiethang

    NFS: Hot Pursuit (3)

    I like the game, I got a chance to play it yesterday at PAX, and it does feel like the old games with better graphics.
  11. hokiethang

    Penny Arcade Expo

    I'm at PAX, flew out here just for it, and to visit some friends as well.
  12. hokiethang

    Duke Nukem Forever...anyone still excited about this game?

    I played it today at PAX in Seattle. It's real, and while it's probably not going to be earth shattering, I'd buy it. The Demo was fun and I hope the full game is as good as the demo promises.
  13. hokiethang

    Wanting to travel outside the US: A choice to make.

    Last I checked, it was out of stock, but it appears to be back instock now... I'm seriously placing an order :-D
  14. hokiethang

    Wanting to travel outside the US: A choice to make.

    All I have to say on the topic of food... Kangaroo is damn tasty. If I could get it here in the States, i'd eat quite a bit of it.
  15. hokiethang

    Wanting to travel outside the US: A choice to make.

    I've gone to both recently. I did Tokyo in April 2009, and Sydney in August 2010. I'd say if you're looking for a trip to a country where you can spend your time seeing the sights and getting a feel for the local culture, Australia is going to be easier. If you're looking for something...
  16. hokiethang

    Trip to Australia

    $1100 is a bit high... I booked at $750 from BWI, which is down from $1600 last time I looked. The plan for this trip is to just visit Sydney, as 4 days doesn't give much time to do any wider sightseeing. I like the idea behind checking into a local pub and hanging out with the locals, any...
  17. hokiethang

    Trip to Australia

    I hate to dredge up old threads, but I felt it was appropriate, since this time I have tickets in hand to go. August 6th - 10th, 2010 (yes, 4 days in Sydney, all I could swing, with such short notice). Plane tickets from the US are cheap now, and a friend of mine will be there at the same time...
  18. hokiethang

    Asshole bouncer - and my reply.

    I have a CHP too. I haven't had the opportunity to try this in Virginia (mostly because our CHP permits are county issue, and don't have pictures, and we don't have ridiculous laws about scanning licenses). The way I read the Utah law it could be termed that the CHP permit is a state issued...
  19. hokiethang

    The Gun thread

    The first one I built was a stock RRA kit. This second one is more customized. I did put a Magpul CTR stock on it after I took the picture, but i'll probably invest in something a bit more appropriate when I get some optics.
  20. hokiethang

    The Gun thread

    So I went to the gun show yesterday, and picked up the rest of the parts for this: It's an AR-15, with a 20 inch barrel, flip up sights, and bipod. All that's left to get is some optics, and I should have a fairly reasonable long range rifle. I also put a magpul stock on it after I took the...