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  1. BigDaveDogg

    The car cleaning thread

    Handz, I haven't noticed that write-up above on your SN95 on the detailing forums. Have you posted it? Anyway, MPL topped with RBOE looks sweet. Opinion on the combination? I currently have a single coat of BFWD on my Graphite Gray Evolution IX, as it's the first time I've used it, and...
  2. BigDaveDogg

    Autoblog: Nissan ad campain: vandalism, or just pissing people off?

    I'd say I'd be indifferent. I wouldn't be particularly pleased I would have to go out of my way to remove it, but at the same time, there are more important things to get upset over. It's not like I get pissed when I have to pull a flyer from a local business, event, etc. out from under my...
  3. BigDaveDogg

    Officially Official: Volkswagen Golf R headed to U.S. for 2012

    Yup. They all need those seats. Every VW. "Serious high performance" shouldn't have anything to do with leather.
  4. BigDaveDogg

    1-Series M reveal video

    I agree with the post above. Fixed that for you.
  5. BigDaveDogg

    MLB '10 Regular Season Thread

    Hey everybody. Just thought I'd stop by to say hi. The White Sox sure are bad. I sure do hate the Yankees. The Twins are my homeboys.
  6. BigDaveDogg

    Extreme Home Makeover: Tele Edition

    When's the party, and do I need to bring a house warming gift??
  7. BigDaveDogg

    Extreme Home Makeover: Tele Edition

    Congrats, sweet digs. You're located not too far from me.
  8. BigDaveDogg

    The great debate

    I've lost respect for all who have voted A. ;)
  9. BigDaveDogg

    FinalGear Shirts 2009 Fall Vote Thread Thingy

    Outlines and Tripedal. Make them both plz.
  10. BigDaveDogg

    1999 Corvette Hardtop (FRC)

    Which other Corvettes have you owned? Sounds like a C2 and a C6? Details? 6972 were produced, to be exact. ;) Looks clean. How many miles are on it?
  11. BigDaveDogg

    A soaking wet FB RX7 (very high res, 56k will drown)

    Your paint should be beading better than that ;)
  12. BigDaveDogg

    Love the Beast - Eric Bana

    Finally got a chance to watch it, awesome film. Anyone have any ideas if it will be released for US region?
  13. BigDaveDogg

    Spoilers: Dexter on Showtime

    Lol, well I dunno about your boring life, but 2 months flies by in my lil world. ;) Seriously though, Dexter is probably the only show I've looked forward to watching this year.
  14. BigDaveDogg

    Spoilers: Dexter on Showtime

    Well, Season 4 is just around the corner. September 27th to be exact. Just got this first-look trailer in an e-mail from Showtime.
  15. BigDaveDogg

    How many hands do you use to drive

    Glad to be of service, budday. You can find my next truly relevant post in my Dexter thread. See you there.