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  1. Heyl

    Strange load drops on second card in CF

    Recently updated to 11.12 and latest CAP drivers and noticed something strange when gaming. (clean install, unistalled old drivers and CAPS, booted into safemode and ran driver sweeper) I got much better performance in Skyrim for one, but noticed some strange FPS-drops, from 60 (vsync on) then...
  2. Heyl

    Unidentified network on clean windows 7 install

    Just built my new computer and have run into some problems with the internet connection. It is a clean windows 7 install with drivers installed. I have not made any changes to the gateway I'm using, I simply pulled out the network cable out of the old one and into the new computer. When I run...
  3. Heyl

    The all new Jaguar XJ

    2CY8ZS86Y8s Hmm, reminds me of a Quattroporte in that top-view,