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  1. Lekky

    Jack Reacher

    First official trailer. Yes it is Tom Cruise but hey, most of his latest movies have been decent so it will be interesting to see how this goes. Due out in December. Thoughts?
  2. Lekky

    Kony 2012

    I'm not quite sure where this belongs. Mods, please feel free to move it where you see fit. An American group called Invisible Children that is standing up to the mistreatment (to put it nicely) of children in Uganda and surrounding areas. The goal is to make the 'Rebel Group' leader Joseph Kony...
  3. Lekky

    Assassin's Creed III

    I have no details on it. I just saw this picture and thought that it needed to be shared. A Western Assassins Creed!!!! :w00t::woot::drool:
  4. Lekky

    New V12 Ferrari

    Yep, dubbed 'Most Powerful Ferrari ever'. It is scheduled to be revealed on the 29th. From Here's the link to the site that has the video of it.
  5. Lekky

    FMK (Slightly NSFW)

    Ok, wasn't sure whether or not to put it here as it is slightly NSFW. It's a game though so I'll put it here to start. Me and my friends were playing a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill and I thought I might bring it to the forum. Whether or not it will be accepted I don't know. It's mainly a game for...
  6. Lekky

    The [Wishlist] Thread

    Yes I know there is another one similar but its from 2004 and long dead. So, got a birthday coming up? Or just looking forward to something in particular for Christmas. Post what you have got on your wishlist and are hoping to get in the future or are saving up for. With a picture if you feel...
  7. Lekky

    iPhone 4S

    No one else has made it yet so I thought I may as well. The next iPhone has just been announced by Apple at their latest event. It will be called the iPhone 4S and basically be nearly identical iPhone 4 with upgraded internals. Some of the notable new features are: A dual core A5 processor...
  8. Lekky

    My first car!!! 91' Honda Prelude Sl

    Hell yea!! Just bought my first car, with the help of my parents. They helped work out all the road worthy and rego business. It's a 1991 Honda Prelude Sl, it's got around 210 000k's but is in pretty good nic. It will be arriving tomorrow so I'll put up some some pics then in a separate post...
  9. Lekky

    Top Gear [17x06] 1080i problem

    Hi guys, So my problem is that when I try and put it onto my USB (8gb) it says this: "The file 'Top Gear [17x06] 1080i' is too large for the destination file system." The video is 4.16gb but I have over 7gb free on the USB. I kept trying and when it didn't work I tried it on a 16gb USB and it...
  10. Lekky

    Elfin review?

    I was just wondering if Top Gear has ever tested any of the Australian made Elfin cars? They are awesome little track/sports cars and I would be surprised if they haven't. Perhaps I am missing an episode because I'm sure I saw it being reviewed somewhere but can't seem to find it. Thanks,
  11. Lekky

    COD Black Ops help

    (sorry I didnt know where to put this) Hi guys, anyone that has a pc and is interested in call of duty or has the game will know of the horrendous lag at the moment. Well I am having a different sort of problem. I want to play my multiplayer and singleplayer on high graphics (otherwise it looks...
  12. Lekky

    Costume Ideas

    Hi guys, I know this is random but I need a bit of help. I have been invited to my friends 16th birthday party. ( It isnt one of those ones that has like tons of random people with heaps of alcohol and violence ) And the theme is Hero or Villian. I have been thinking but havent come up with...
  13. Lekky

    Greatest Driving Songs

    Hi everyone. I checked to see if this had been done, and the search came up with no results. Anyways, What are some really, really good driving songs? Because I will be getting my first car soon and I've heard that music affects the way you drive or something like that. What are really good...
  14. Lekky

    Kill It With Fire (Automotive Edition) Thread

    Hi guys. Now I did look to see if anyone had done this and I couldnt find any but if there are then I'm sorry. What car do you, deep down inside, just have a loathing for. You just can't stand the site or mention of it? Please post a pic with it if you'd like. For me it is the 2000 -...
  15. Lekky

    Favourite Presenter

    Hi. I am sorry if this has been done before, and if it has please do whatever you need to do. But I want to know who your favourite presenter on Top Gear is. Jeremy is really funny but I dont know why, my favourite is Hammond. They are all great including stiggy. So who's your favourite...
  16. Lekky

    MX5 - A girls car??

    hey guys before i say anything to any mods if i have put this in the wrong section im sorry and please move it. I am looking to get my first car, and i stumbled upon the mazda mx5 which as we all know is a good car and i was looking at picking up an old crappy one for my first. but i dont...
  17. Lekky

    The Stig for who he really is

    I know there is alot of buzz at the moment about the stig. How the driver revealed him self and so on. well you know what? i dont care. The stig is not a man. the stig is an icon. You cant put a face to the stig. He will always remain a mystery and a legend. Ben Collins is only the legs...